Pumpkin Diet: Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Pumpkins

2023-11-10 21:22:01

Is there a more beautiful season than autumn? The heat is finally going away, colorful leaves are floating from the trees and the plump pumpkins are ready to be discovered on the vegetable shelf. These aren’t just a treat for Thanksgiving or for spooky Halloween carvings. Because pumpkins are ideal for losing weight and taste delicious. We’ll tell you how the pumpkin diet works and what you should pay attention to.

This is what science says regarding the health of pumpkins

When the leaves turn orange and red and we wear the onion look once more, the time has finally come: Pumpkin time. Pumpkins are not only delicious, but also very healthy. According to Study From 2019 by the American Heart Association (AHA), pumpkin can naturally lower blood pressure – at least in animals. The research group was able to demonstrate the positive effect in a test with rats. But not only that, the pumpkin also has many more health benefits.

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How healthy is a pumpkin?

The classic one Autumn vegetables Not only can it be used in delicious dishes such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin quiche or oven-baked pumpkin, but it is also full of it valuable nutrients. A particularly high content of beta-carotenes ensures the bright color of the pumpkins. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body and is very important for the vision process. But that’s not all. Pumpkins also contain iron, magnesium and other minerals essential for a good health essential are. Iron is important for the formation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen in the body. Magnesium supports muscle function and helps reduce stress. Vitamin C is also found in pumpkins. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body defend itself once morest harmful environmental influences and free radicals.

Also contains pumpkins lots of fiberwhich fill the gastrointestinal tract and thus ensure a long-lasting Feeling of satiety care for. This means that you are less hungry and therefore automatically consume fewer calories. Another benefit of pumpkins is their high mineral content. These regulate the fluid balance in the body and promote better flushing out of toxins. This will also Fat metabolism stimulated, which can also help you lose weight. And the best: Pumpkins are very low in calories. Depending on the variety, 100 grams of pumpkin contains just between 25 and 45 kilocalories.

How does the pumpkin diet work?

Did you know that pumpkin is actually a berry? Pumpkins belong to the cucurbit family. They are among the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Due to their high Water content of almost 90 percent the pumpkin is a real lightweight. Here’s how you can quickly lose a few pounds with the pumpkin diet:

Incorporate as many pumpkin dishes as possible into your daily menu. The delicate pumpkin flesh can be prepared in many variations. These can be, for example, pumpkin soups, pumpkin casseroles, pumpkin noodles or grilled, cooked or braised pumpkin. Meals should be combined with lean protein and healthy fats to shed the pounds. For example, try a delicious pumpkin tarte flambée with feta.

How do you find the right pumpkin for your diet?

You can lose weight with lots of pumpkins and ultimately it is a question of taste which pumpkin you want to eat.

There are a variety of pumpkin varieties including Hokkaido, butternut and nutmeg. Each variety has its own benefits and tastes. Some are sweeter, others are savory. While taste and texture aren’t critical to losing weight, losing weight is easier when you enjoy the dishes you prepare. At the same time, different types of pumpkin and methods of preparation can provide variety in the diet.

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Most pumpkins don’t differ much in terms of nutritional value:

Nutmeg pumpkin (100 g)

3.9 g carbohydrates1 g protein0.3 g fat1 g fiber24 kcalThe nutmeg pumpkin contains 24 kilocalories per 100 grams. © fotokunst63 – stock.adobe.com

Hokkaido-Kurbis (100 g)

12 g carbohydrates1.7 g protein0.6 g fat2.3 g fiber63 kcalThe Hokkaido pumpkin contains 63 kilocalories per 100 grams. © womue – stock.adobe.com

Butternutkürbis (100 g)

8.3 g carbohydrates1.1 g protein0.1 g fat2 g fiber45 kcalThe butternut squash contains 45 kilocalories per 100 grams. © Piotr – stock.adobe.com


7 g carbohydrates0.6 g protein0.6 g fat1.5 g fiber31 kcalThe spaghetti squash contains 31 kilocalories per 100 grams. © Picture Partners – stock.adobe.com

Which pumpkin is suitable for losing weight?

In principle, you can use any pumpkin to lose weight. At the forefront are the Hokkaido, nutmeg and spaghetti squash pumpkins.

Spaghetti squash is particularly good for losing weight because it is low in calories and rich in fiber. This ensures a longer feeling of satiety and supports weight loss. When it comes to spaghetti squash, the name says it all, because it can actually be used as a spaghetti substitute because when it cooks, the meat breaks down into fine “spaghetti”, making the pumpkin the perfect one Low-Carb-Alternative to high-calorie pasta.

Also the Hokkaido-Kurbis Like the other pumpkins, it has few calories and contains a lot of fiber. It is also full of healthy nutrients such as vitamins A and C and potassium. With the bright orange pumpkin you can Peel even so what. The aromatic one Nutmeg pumpkin With its firm pulp, it is suitable for soups, casseroles and cakes.

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Discover delicious recipes with pumpkin

Pumpkin diet: This is our conclusion

Pumpkin is particularly suitable for losing weight in the colder months and is a real Soul-Food. Pumpkins are not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious. Incorporate vegetables into your diet as often as possible.

Our tip: When shopping, always make sure you have one fresh pumpkin Instead of buying pumpkin from cans or jars. This is the only way you can keep an eye on all the ingredients. What other foods are combined with pumpkin is also important. You will only lose weight if fewer calories are consumed than consumed.

Can you lose weight with pumpkin?

Pumpkins are low in fat and carbohydrates, making them very good for losing weight.

Which pumpkin to lose weight?

Spaghetti squash, Hokkaido squash and butternut squash are particularly recommended for losing weight.

Is Hokkaido pumpkin good for weight loss?

Yes, you can lose weight with Hokkaido pumpkin thanks to its low fat and carbohydrate content.

Can you eat pumpkin every day?

Due to the many important nutrients, a pumpkin dish is a daily, nutrient-rich and healthy dish for every day. The different types of pumpkin mean you won’t get bored.

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