Quick check “addicted to omicron”, what level of symptoms should you be careful of? after spreading 70 times faster

Omicron strain of covid It is a virus that can mutate up to 50 locations and spread very quickly. Even people who have been vaccinated can still be infected with this strain of coronavirus again. In addition, the virus attaches to human cells more than 10 points, evading human immunity well.

for Omicron symptoms Patients infected with coronavirus often experience symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose, headache, difficulty breathing, and a decrease in smell. These include a sore throat, muscle aches, tiredness, exhaustion, dry cough and night sweats.

while Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health The majority of Omicron infected patients in Thailand have symptoms as follows: cough 54%, sore throat 37%, fever 29%, muscle pain 15%, runny nose 12%, headache. 10%, dyspnea 5%, decreased smell only 2%, and 48% were asymptomatic.

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