Recent Night Events in Yakutia and Worldwide: Updates and News

2023-07-02 23:36:17

Photo: Galina Mozolevskaya / YASIA

Events in the country and the world for the period while it was night in Yakutia – in the selection of YSIA.

During the day, Ukrainian troops shelled the DPR 56 times. A total of 328 rounds of ammunition were fired at Gorlovka, Ozeryanovka, Donetsk, Makeevka and Yelenovka. Two civilians were injured.

The riots in France continue for the sixth day, which began after the police shot dead a 17-year-old teenager on June 27. Mass protests swept almost the entire country, about 45 thousand policemen and gendarmes were involved in maintaining order. The riot control meeting was chaired by French President Emmanuel Macron. The total number of detainees exceeded three thousand people, for attempted robberies, the first participants in the pogroms received real terms of imprisonment. The teenager’s grandmother urged the rioters to stop.

A new cause of the explosion on the sunken Titanic submersible has been named, according to experts, it could be caused by tiny cracks in the hull that appeared with each descent to the Titanic. The scientists also argue that the elongated structure of the submarine, combined with the loads that affected the hull over the years, could have contributed to the explosion. Recall that the submarine disappeared on June 18 when descending to the Titanic, its wreckage was found about 200 meters from the ship. Five people have been declared dead.

The explosion occurred in the Primorsko-Akhtarsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. Specialists of emergency services and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are working on the spot. It is noted that there are no victims and no damage, the incident occurred far from the settlements.

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The picture of the Russian director Roman Karimov “Breath” became the leader of the box office in Russia and the CIS countries, having collected 21.4 million rubles over the weekend. The film tells about a successful businessman and former doctor Victor. To help his mother, who is ill with COVID-19, he illegally sneaks into the hospital. In second place is the film “Challenge” by Klim Shipenko, which collected 20.1 million rubles. On the third – the Canadian film “Back to the Dinosaurs” in the fantasy genre, which collected 19 million rubles.

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