Riga residents are outraged and ask questions. What are they saying in the Duma?

Family, friends and the community at large were shocked by the news that Robert Mixons, who had been wanted for two days, had been found dead. He was found on the Daugava watershed on Mukusalas Street, approximately opposite house number 21.

Police are currently investigating whether the man jumped into the river on his own, fell into the water as a result of an accident or with the help of someone else, or whether Robert may have become ill. Society also wants an answer – why this tragedy occurred, which took the life of a young man, the father of two children.

Photos from the place where Robert was found, published on social networks, caused public outrage and further fueled bewilderment – how safe is it to move through such an area?

“I would recommend someone from the leadership of the Riga City Council to go to the place where Robert drowned, light a candle and think… Everything has collapsed there, some kind of reinforcement is sticking out, lopsided pieces of concrete, a wall in front, so that nothing can be seen from the street …Such places should not be accessible to the public!” – emphasizes Maris.

The Riga City Council explains that it is aware of the matter and “the reconstruction of the Mukusalas embankment is currently ongoing, and it is planned to put this place in order as well.”

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2024-04-01 16:01:45

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