Rockstar’s Groundbreaking Rage Engine: Revolutionizing Graphics in GTA VI – Exclusive Insider Report

2023-10-15 04:08:46

A recent report stated that Rockstar has been building its own Rage Engine technology for five years. Article: Kieran Harris – Over a decade later, Grand Theft Auto V still manages to hold its own in the graphics department, and many of us are starting to wonder what exactly a sequel will be like. French fanzine Rockstar Magazine recently revealed insider information that Rockstar spent half of GTA VI’s development time building its own Rage Engine technology. According to their report, this new technology will make GTA VI look significantly better than Red Dead Redemption 2, making it the studio’s best-looking project to date. According to the same report, Rockstar has been developing the game world’s first real-time water physics system and has been reworking all vehicles with all-new car physics, which will apparently include real-time deformation like we’ve seen so far. “When a company sells a cultural product that becomes the most profitable product in history, there is no need to speculate on the intentions of the technical features of the next project; those intentions are widely revised upward. You not only have to do better; Do it better. That’s why Rockstar Games is giving us something the video game industry has never seen before with a new version of its RAGE engine. Water has been a difficult element to recreate in video games since the advent of 3D. Big Most developers use a grid system for rendering. The advantage of this method is that it is not very greedy in terms of performance and the rendering is still reliable. Source:
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