Russia acknowledges deaths, wounded and prisoners in Ukrainian campaign

Russian dead
Russian dead in Ukraine/ Photo courtesy

The Russian Ministry of Defense recognized for the first time, this Sunday, the existence of dead, wounded and prisoners during the “special military operation” ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately we have dead and wounded comrades,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashénkov told a news conference. However, he did not specify the number of casualties.

Deaths of Russia vs those of Ukraine

However, the Russian military clarified that the Russian losses “are considerably less than the number of nationalists annihilated or losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This figure contrasts with the data offered by the Ukrainian side. The Ukrainian spokesperson claimed to have finished with 2,800 and 3,000 Russian military. For their part, they put their own casualties at 198.

Konasenkov also acknowledged the existence of Russian prisoners of war being held by Ukrainian forces.

“We know how the Ukrainian Nazis treat the few Russian soldiers who are taken prisoner. And we see that the mistreatment and torture are the same used by the Nazi Germans and their collaborators during World War II », he denounced.

treatment of detainees

The Defense Ministry spokesman contrasted this attitude with the dignified treatment given by the Russian military to Ukrainian soldiers who lay down their arms.

“We understand that they swore to the people of Ukraine. All those who laid down their arms and did not resist will be returned to their families,” he assured.

This Sunday, the representative of the military entity reported that about 500 Ukrainian military belonging to an anti-aircraft regiment in the city of Kharkov, in northeastern Ukraine, had laid down their arms. This information was in turn denied by the Ukrainian authorities.

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