Sad News: Julio César Rodríguez’s Father Passes Away, Leaving an Emotional Farewell – June 2023

2023-06-22 19:26:42

By Alejandro Rodríguez P. June 22, 2023 at 3:26 p.m.

The entertainer and journalist Julio César Rodríguez confirmed this afternoon the death of his father who was hospitalized a few days ago in Concepción.

JC wrote an emotional message to say goodbye to his father through social networks. “‘What will happen? What mystery will there be? It can be my big night. And when I wake up, my life will already know, something it doesn’t know’. With this song, sung by all those who love you, dad, you left us as an artist, ”she expressed in her Twitter account. Instagram.

“Thank you for waiting for me and giving me your last energy! What a beautiful family you formed, old man! You leave me a lesson: We can live more than one life in our life! We cannot understand here how you got that last energy to speak to me so clearly, ”she added.

“It’s all paid for”

Finally, JC indicated that “with my brothers and nephews and your grandchildren who were there we did not stop talking about it. You left with your great phrases: ‘everything is paid for’, ‘ya poh, weon now’, ‘enough already, champion’. Now to fulfill what I promised you the other day and thank you for being proud of your son”.

“What more can I ask for and give you! And that final sign with the kiss for everyone… ugh, we will not forget it in life ”, she finished.

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