SEC counts TRP filing, selling IPO 90 million shares to raise funds for long-term strengthening

2023-08-25 06:47:37

SEC gives green light, counts one fiscal TRP offers 90 million IPO shares, prepares to enter mai market in 2023, raising funds to build the first full-service facial cosmetic surgery hospital in Thailand. Supporting business growth

Mr. Ekajak Buahbhakdi, Managing Director of Capital One Partners Co., Ltd. as a financial advisor to Estetic Connect Public Company Limited or TRP Revealed that the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun counting an application for an offer for sale of securities and a registration statement for the offering of securities (Filing) of TRP that has been submitted for the offering of ordinary shares. Capital increase for the first time (IPO) in the amount of 90 million shares at a par value of 0.50 baht per share, representing 25.71% of the total number of shares after the offering was completed on August 25, 2023.

Currently, TRP is in the process of preparing to present company information to investors (roadshow) to reinforce the strength of the business for investors to have confidence and understand the business overview more clearly. The company plans to be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai). (mai) in the category of service business (SERVICE) within this year.

As for TRP, it operates a medical clinic business under the name “Thiraporn Clinic”, providing cosmetic surgery services on the face to the general public. Founded by assistant professor Chonlatit, M.D. Sinrattanan Former President of the Thai Facial Plastic Surgery Association A specialist doctor with more than 40 years of experience in facial cosmetic surgery, along with a team of specialists with a lot of experience. It is widely accepted in the field of surgery. There are complete medical equipment, modern and of international standards. which are available in 3 main areas:

Providing surgical procedures such as facelift surgery with Face-Lock innovation to solve various problems on the face, double eyelid surgery with Eye-Lock technique, a unique technique invented by Assistant Professor Chonlatit, M.D. and Theeraporn medical team including nose surgery and surgery on other parts of the face

Intravenous anesthesia service by a skilled anesthesiologist

Non-surgical services such as Botox injections, Filler injections, use of frequency shooting equipment to tighten the skin, giving clear face vitamins and provide other skin services such as LED light baking, mesotherapy injections and thread lifting, etc.

side assistant professor Chonlatit, M.D. Sinrattanan Chief Executive Officer of ESTATIC CONNECT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED or TRP Said that listing on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) this time is an important step in expanding the company’s business. In order to increase the potential and capacity for future growth opportunities, the company plans to use the proceeds to invest in business expansion in various projects such as research development in various fields, construction of a facial plastic surgery hospital. And used as working capital to increase the service capability of the company in the future.

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In the past, TRP has been committed to providing cosmetic surgery services specifically for the face with intention. to create beauty for service users to get the best results As a result, the business continues to grow. Reflected from the operating results of the past 3 years, in 2020-2022, the company has a total income of 221.60 million baht, 427.76 million baht and 854.07 million baht, respectively, and has a net profit of 37.15 million baht, 112.68 million baht and 270.27 million baht, respectively.

As for the performance for the first 6 months of 2023, the company has a total income of 369.05 million baht and a net profit of 105.48 million baht.

TRP is ready to become the first comprehensive facial plastic surgery hospital in Thailand. To increase business opportunities for facial cosmetic surgery services that grow in line with the increasing number of both Thai and foreign clients. And in line with the beauty trend that is more open nowadays and has a high growth trend which cosmetic surgery only on the face by a team of medical professionals with special techniques invented and developed by Teeraporn’s team of surgeons It not only helps solve all problems for service users on the spot. But it also helps to promote a better personality and increase confidence in living and socializing, making TRP well known and trusted by clients of all genders and ages. This is a factor that enhances TRP’s potential and readiness to grow stronger and more efficiently in the future.

“Raising funds in the stock market mai this time so that TRP can expand its business to support the growth of the cosmetic surgery market in Thailand. and increase the opportunity to expand the business according to the strategy for the company to grow strong and sustainably. Emphasizing the potential of being the first comprehensive cosmetic surgery service provider for the face in Thailand, “Assistant Professor Chonlatit said.

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