Small Cappuccino expels a veiled woman from a live broadcast after revealing her true age! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Snapchat celebrity Saad Al-Enezi, known as Small Cappuccino, sparked a great controversy on social media, after he appeared in a video clip recorded from a live broadcast, closing the broadcast in the face of a veiled woman after she revealed her true age.

During the live broadcast of Small Cappuccino with an activist on the Tik Tok application, Mashhour Snape wanted to know her age, to which she replied by saying, “I am old.”

The clip showed Small Cappuccino saying, “I expect you to be 18 years old,” to reply: “Don’t be that young, I’m old, I’m 40 years old, kill you,” to surprise her by cutting off the broadcast in her face upon hearing her real age.

The video explained, the girl’s feeling of frustration after he surprised her by expelling her from the live broadcast, saying: “He came out to him, he was withdrawing from the first, he came out.”

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