Spain or Serbia? Stefan Bajčetić (Liverpool) would have expressed his choice

Having scored his first goal last Monday with the Liverpool shirt, the young defender Stefan Bajčetić attracts international selections. At 18, he has dual Spanish-Serbian nationality. His father, Srdjan Bajčetić, is a former Serbian international footballer, having played in the ranks of Celta Vigo. He is now the coach of the C team of this team from Galicia. Strongly linked to Spain, Stefan Bajčetić was born in Vigo, but it is in England that he now shines. The protege of coach Jürgen Klopp should soon have to make a choice concerning the nation he will represent internationally.

According to information from the Spanish media AS, Stefan Bajčetić chose Roja. The defender has even reportedly already communicated his decision to the Royal Federation of Spain (RFEF). However, the Serbian Federation does not intend to let go of the file so easily. But Stefan Bajčetić has already worn the Spain youth jersey and was even called up by the U19s last August. With the recent appointment of Luis de la Fuente as manager of La Roja, it seems likely that new youngsters will have opportunities with the Spanish side. Stefan Bajčetić hopes to be one of them. For the moment, it is with the Reds that he is responsible for continuing his good momentum.

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