Guterres calls for making 2023 a year of peace and rebirth

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for 2023 to be a year of peace and rebirth across the world.

“Peace must be at the heart of our words and our deeds”, underlined the head of l’ON in a message of greetings on the occasion of the new year, noting that in 2023, more than ever, “we must make peace reign”.

He, however, recalled that for millions of people, the past year “kept a taste of ashes”.

Citing, among other countries, Ukraine, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Guterres lamented that “across the world, a hundred million people have been displaced, fleeing war, fires, drought, poverty or hunger”.

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Referring to “the renaissance” he hopes to see in 2023, he called for global peace between human beings through dialogue and conflict resolution, and peace “with nature and climate for a more sustainable world. ”. On this last point, he referred to the progress achieved by the recent UN Biodiversity Conference, COP15, held in Montreal, Canada.

The senior UN official also called for peace in the home, a source of “security and dignity for women and girls”, a subject made even more burning by the new restrictions imposed on women in Afghanistan and by the unrest. in Iran.

Mr. Guterres also invoked a new year of tolerance, “for peace in our streets and our communities with full protection of all human rights”, in places of worship with respect for everyone’s beliefs, also confiding his hope of an Internet “without hate speech or insults”, before urging the world to place “peace at the heart of its words, and its actions”.

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