“Stone Age Dagger Found by Eight-Year-Old in Norway Schoolyard”

2023-05-14 18:45:37

An eight-year-old girl had fun in her schoolyard in Norway when a small rock caught his eye. Attracted by its appearance, she decided to pick it up and show it to her teachers, who noted that it was not common and contacted the archaeological authorities to examine it more closely. The result showed that that little stone It was actually an object from the Stone Age.

Elise stumbled upon this small piece among larger ones at her school in Vestland, a press release on May 2 reported.

The dagger that Elise found belonged to the Stone AgeVestland Municipality

As soon as she received the call from the teachers, the archaeologist Louise Bjerre Petersen identified the object, with the aim of specifying the data on its origin. In the end, discovered that it was actually a Stone Age dagger from 3700 years ago. The photos revealed that it had a prominent brown color and sharp edges. The professional wrote it as a find “unique and very rare”.

The girl specified the details of the place where he had made his discovery so that archaeologists might excavate the area. However, no other objects of this type were found. The statement indicated that the dagger was handed over to the Bergen University Museum.

The rocky area where Elise played and made the incredible findVestland Municipality

This is not the first time that a girl surprises adults with a discovery. Last January, a nine-year-old who dreamed of becoming a paleontologist made the find of a lifetime for her on Christmas morning. when he saw a huge 12 centimeter tooth that belonged to a prehistoric megalodon.

Molly Sampson found the piece in Calver Beach. According to her, she recounted at that moment for CNN, his passion for the remains was such that he used to walk on the beaches of Maryland in search of some shark teeth. As an example to follow, he had his parents, who instilled in him a love of fossils.

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For Christmas, while other children preferred to open their presents and spend the day playing, Molly told her parents that what she wanted most They were cold water boots so I might go looking for shark teeth in the Chesapeake Bay.. They granted it, so, equipped and ready for action, the adventure began. “I saw something big and it looked like a shark tooth. We were knee-deep in water,” she recounted.

When she tried to grab the piece with a tool, she realized that it was large: “I was so excited and surprised,” she told the aforementioned medium.

The girl found a megalodon tooth on Christmas morningFacebook

The Sampsons brought this piece of history to the Calvert Marine Museum, where paleontology curator Stephen Godfrey confirmed that the tooth belonged to a megalodon, which are animals that lived millions of years ago. From the expert’s perspective,this is like a once in a lifetime find”. “There are people who can search their entire lives and not find a tooth the size that Molly found,” she said. In turn, she hopes that the girl’s case will inspire others to pursue her scientific interests.


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