Sunday: A Heartwarming Uzbekistan Film Portraying Generational Change

2023-12-11 15:55:00

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11 December 2023, 09:25 PM IST


‘Sunday’ is a beautiful film that portrays the story of an old couple who have to stay enmity in the face of imposed generational change. Directed by Shokhir Kholikov, this Uzbekistan film has won several awards at the international level.

The director has prepared for the audience a scene in which the lives of a couple who fight, love and work hard in Uzbekistan will change within a few days due to the intervention of their son. Both of them are often stunned without even understanding what is happening in front of them.

The film begins with an old couple living in a nursery, which may seem boring, but which they enjoy. They were living peacefully without depending on anyone by rearing goats, selling woolen clothes and farming.

Although the father does not like it, the son wants to renovate and own the house where they live. The son is imposing every change for his father and mother to have a better life. From the gas stove that cooks to the TV, the fridge and the mobile phone, everything is changing. Not only the son, but also the person who pays the wages of woolen clothes in cash instead of directly in the form of a debit card disrupts the natural course of the couple’s life.

Even a match is beautifully presented in the film as a crucial and emotional element in the storyline. The director leaves the audience with the question whether everything the son does with the intention of doing good to his parents is good for them or has put them under pressure.

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