Video..with the participation of 4 Arab artists..a new song for the 2022 World Cup

The International Football Association “FIFA” has released a new song on the occasion of the approaching date of the “World Cup 2022”, which will be held in Qatar next November. Four of the most famous artists in the Arab world participated in the song “Light The Sky”, namely the Emirati singer Balqis, the Moroccan-Canadian star … Read more

Al-Shamrani publishes a picture of coach “Saleh Al-Mohammadi” after Al-Akhdar Al-Shabab crowned the Arab Cup.. He comments!

Al-Marsad Sports: Sports journalist Ahmed Al-Shamrani published a picture of coach Saleh Al-Mohammadi after winning the national team for youth under 20 years in the Arab Cup. Al-Shamrani wrote, through his official account on Twitter, above the photo, “You deserve it, you persevere.” He continued, “There is no noise, no media, or statements that present … Read more

And suddenly Interior Minister Faeser is standing next to the “Terror” rapper

“The Irani and the Arabi are banned from Tel Aviv,” Massiv rapped in 2015. Sentences that sound like a violent fantasy against Israel are also used in the song, which the rapper recorded with Sinan G: “Bomb belt zelame”, “I kidnap a Boeing and shoot at your family”. In May 2021, the Berliner followed suit, … Read more

Answers to all your questions about the new HUAWEI P50 Pro – one of the best aesthetically designed camera smartphones currently available in Jordan :: Al Nabat

Nabataeans – Do you know what everyone is talking about? If you said the HUAWEI P50 Pro which is currently available in Jordan, you are right; At least when it comes to smartphones. The phone is being called the best camera smartphone with an aesthetic design; It has everything you want in a flagship smartphone … Read more

How Huawei keeps Ria

Tell me – Huawei is one of the most productive companies in the smartphone industry. By the end of 2020, there were more than 1 billion Huawei devices connected around the world, and the number of Huawei smartphone users exceeded 730 million users at that time. Customers choose Huawei devices because of its continuous innovation … Read more

Apple pushes iOS 15.4 update with Universal Control support

Tell me – Apple has announced the push of the new update from iOS 15.4 for iPhone users, which comes with support for the “Universal Control” feature on iPads and Macs. The new update from iOS 15.4 is launched for users of compatible iPhone phones today, to be available for download before the launch of … Read more