Furious viewers with Cristina after preview of “La Ley de Baltazar” – Publimetro Chile

A scene caused the annoyance of the followers of “La Ley de Baltazar”, included in the preview of the next chapteras seen in the video of YouTube. It turns out that Cristina (Francisca Imboden) went to Margarita’s (Amparo Noguera) house to talk again about the protagonist of the soap opera. “Well, you will say,” Noguera’s … Read more

the ruling in the Road Cause and what follows, minute by minute

In the back of a convertible truck, to the rhythm of “Avanti Morocha”, the theme of Los Caballeros de la Quema, they arrived at the door of the Retirement Courts to join the little more than 100 people who had been there since early. “Today they touch her, tomorrow it is with us or with … Read more

A new electoral poll gives Cristina Kirchner a very high floor for the 2023 presidential election

It is like a painting divided in two, in unequal but equally intense parts. A new electoral survey measured the vote potential of the main candidates and Cristina Kirchner finished with a very high floor for the 2023 presidential election. In contrast, her B-side leaves her vulnerable for that contest, for an even deeper rejection. … Read more

minute-by-minute coverage of the investigation

This Monday afternoon, four friends of Brenda Uliarte, Fernando Sabag Montiel’s partner, declared. They presented themselves at a police station and were transferred to Comodoro Py where a testimonial statement was taken from them. Concluded the instance, the federal justice retained the four cell phones. Like the device of the 23-year-old girl arrested on Sunday … Read more

Agustín Rossi said that “the vice-presidential custody did not fail”

After the attack against Vice President Cristina Kirchner, the head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, stated this Saturday that “vice-presidential custody did not fail” and detailed that they did not have “any alert” about a possible attack against any member of the Government. “The vice-presidential custody did not fail. I think that the custody operations … Read more

Cristina Kirchner brought together the deputies and senators of the Frente de Todos and asked to “rethink” the autonomy of the City

In the midst of political tension with the Buenos Aires government, Cristina Kirchner took advantage this Tuesday of a meeting with deputies and senators from the Frente de Todos to advance with everything against Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and without mentioning it, he proposed “rethinking a little” the issue of the autonomy of the Buenos aires … Read more

the allegations are resumed after the rejection of the challenges of the vice president

The defense of the vice argued his request in the photos released days ago of Luciani playing soccer in a team with judicial officials and politicians linked to the PRO. He also requested the removal of Judge Gorini because he had met with Patricia Bullrich in the past. The TOF 2 declared inadmissible the claims … Read more