Action Chain Store Withdraws Kellogg’s Breakfast Plates Due to Cadmium Contamination: A Health Hazard

2023-10-21 19:15:32 Certain Kellogg’s breakfast plates sold in the Action chain of stores have been withdrawn from sale in agreement with the Federal Food Agency. Ceramic plates may contain traces of cadmium. of videos These are ceramic plates with different colors and designs. The AFSCA and Action are withdrawing them from sale due to the … Read more

The Dangers of Bedbugs: Natalie Brown’s Nightmare in an Airbnb

2023-10-20 09:35:00 While staying in an Airbnb with friends, Natalie Brown, 28, didn’t expect to be bitten more than 100 times in just three days. When she returned to the UK, the bites got worse, forcing Natalie to seek medical attention. He described her case as one of the worst he had ever encountered and … Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023: Voice of Care for Thai Women | Bangkok Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital

2023-10-12 17:56:00 ‘Breast cancer’ is the most common cancer in Thai women. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, it is found that 22,158 Thai people have breast cancer per year. As many as 8,266 people per year die from breast cancer. And from the statistics of the National Cancer Institute. 23 breast cancer … Read more

Prime Minister Announces Unprecedented Measure to Lower Gasoline Prices

2023-09-16 18:12:54 Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that distributors will be able to sell gasoline “at a loss” for a few months in order to allow them to “lower prices further”, in an interview posted online on Saturday on the Parisien website. “With this unprecedented measure, we will have tangible results for the French, without … Read more

Unprecedented September Heat Wave Hits Belgium: David Dehenauw Explains

2023-09-12 09:45:00 David Dehenauw visited our editorial office in Namur on Friday. And that was rather good timing with this meteorological phenomenon that we had never experienced in Belgium… Belga By Pierre Nizet Journalist in the General Editorial team Published on 09/09/2023 at 04:00 David Dehenauw, have we just experienced something special this September 8? … Read more

Shocking Tenant Nightmare: Villa Owner Reveals Tenant’s Disrespect and Destruction

2023-07-20 18:58:38 This is not the first time that we relay the testimony of an owner victim of a tenant who lacks respect for him. But the story of Joost, who rents a villa in Waregem, is beyond comprehension. Joost’s villa has five bedrooms, so a whole family (grandparents, parents and children) moved in two … Read more

Administrator of Latvijas krājbanka returned 1,300 euros in March, but spent 28,000

2023-04-19 05:44:00 Including the bank administrator in March 2023 returned all the money on loans issued. Thus, in the first three months of this year, the administrator of “Latvijas krājbanka” collected a total of 206,400 euros. At the same time, the costs of the insolvency proceedings of “Latvijas krājbanka” in March 2023 amounted to EUR … Read more

“Baroness Ullens’ son-in-law Nicolas denies receiving any financial support from his father in the past decade.”

The latest issue of Paris Match features an account of the final altercation between Myriam Ullens and Nicolas Ullens before the tragic gunshots that took Myriam’s life. It all took place in Guy Ullens’ office in Lasne, around 10 a.m. that morning. Nicolas Ullens was furious after hearing that the family’s villa in Ohain was … Read more