Optimal Post-Meal Habits: Promoting Digestion and Overall Health

2023-09-15 05:51:48 Some common post-meal habits can negatively impact your digestion, overall health and well-being, according to a report in the Times of India. For better health and to support the digestive process, you should avoid common mistakes after eating meals from time to time, and make deliberate choices to promote weight loss, as follows: … Read more

Saudi Arabia’s Obesity Epidemic: Impact on Vision 2030 and Economic Burden – Expert Analysis

2023-08-20 11:58:06 Shaqran Al-Rashidi – Riyadh: Health promotion and health awareness expert, and writer on health and social affairs, Dr. Abdul Rahman Yahya Al-Qahtani, said that Saudi society suffers from overweight and obesity, which represents one of the most serious threats to Vision 2030, as it is the main and first risk factor for death … Read more

Unstoppable Luck: American Man Wins Million-Dollar Lottery Prize

2023-08-13 08:23:53 After winning the lottery, an American man bought an entire scratch-off book, and he really won the million-dollar prize. (Schematic/Pixabay) Good luck is really unstoppable! Vang Cha, a man from California, recently won US$500 (approximately NT$16,000) in a scratch-off lottery. NT$31.9 million) grand prize. According to a “CBS” report, Wangcha, who lives in … Read more

A few extra pounds ? Not so bad when you get older

2023-08-11 13:11:55 No diet after 65. If obesity is deleterious, being moderately overweight helps preserve muscle mass, which is crucial for seniors. It’s a paradox: even though the obesity epidemic is taking on alarming proportions, particularly in France, where one inhabitant in two is affected, a series of studies tend to show that moderate overweight … Read more

The Link Between Overweight and Hypothalamus Size: Cambridge University Study Reveals Key Insights

2023-08-08 09:51:00 Cambridge University scientists used head scans and found that overweight people had a larger hypothalamus, and this region is: The link between the autonomic nervous system and the secretory system through the pituitary gland. Only the size of a pea but essential for controlling appetite and sending signals of fullness to keep you … Read more