Patrick Doyle Writes King Charles’ Coronation March: Royal Family Christmas Cards and Specials

2023-12-10 15:10:50 Patrick Doyle writes King Charles’ Coronation March From the Oscars to the Coronation – Academy Award nominated composer Patrick Doyle has been commissioned to write the Coronation March for King Charles. (24 April) AP The royal family is fully in the holiday spirit, releasing a pair of new Christmas cards to mark the … Read more

Royal Education: How Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis Embrace Normalcy at School

2023-09-09 18:57:00 For the mini royals it’s time again: go to school and pay attention! Although they are known all over the world, George, Charlotte and Louis are called George Wales, Charlotte Wales and Louis Wales at school. Why all this? Pretty simple, because Prince William and Kate don’t want any extra sausage for their … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Leave Royal Duties: The Reasons Behind Their Decision

2023-09-07 17:07:00 Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) have given up their royal duties. And that’s probably a good thing. Because the Duchess in particular could not follow the rules in the palace. Royal biographer Andrew Morton is sure of that. When asked about Sussex’s return to London, he said on the news program … Read more

The Royal Family’s Strict Dining Etiquette Revealed: Children Restricted to the Children’s Table

2023-08-26 19:03:00 Instead, they have to take a seat at a children’s table. That even applies to Christmas, revealed a former chef of the royal family. Reason for the strict table rule? The children are “not allowed to sit with the adults until they have learned the art of polite conversation.” That explains ex-chef Darren … Read more

“Is Prince William’s Reign Over? The Possible Collapse of the British Monarchy”

2023-04-25 18:47:02 Will Prince William never become king? “Danger of Abolishing Oneself” And although King Charles III. and Co. always try to smile away at all headlines and scandals, according to the latest research results a bleak future for the royals and predict that Prince William and Princess Kate may will never sit on the … Read more

This joke silenced everyone

He remembers a particularly uncomfortable situation in 2018. At that time, Harry and Meghan were newly married and took part in the “Trooping the Color” royal event. Princess Kate asked her sister-in-law what she thought of the event. Meghan Markle said shortly: “Colorful.” As Prince Harry explains, his sweetheart allowed himself a joke. Only: None … Read more

Nasty swipe from Princess Kate

Did Princess Kate (41) choose this outfit without any ulterior motives? The British royals recently celebrated Commonwealth Day. And for this occasion, Prince William’s wife (40) dressed up as usual. But the selection of the wardrobe now causes a whisper. Because Kate opted for a floral jacket and a matching skirt from the House of … Read more