The Public Prosecution announces the issuance of a preliminary ruling against those accused of the run-over incident in Qatif

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that, in addition to the statement issued in the case of a run over person in Qatif, the Public Prosecution Office of Assault on Persons ended its investigations by accusing two citizens of organized criminal formation and attempted murder and robbery by intentionally and aggressively … Read more

New Product: SDW HEROES Alternative Justice Infinite Dragon_Public_Contributions_Gundam

Original Title: New Product: SDW HEROES Alternative Justice Infinite Dragon Follow | Top The fresh mod content brought every day will never make you regret There will be prizes for submissions in 2023, and the rewards will be upgraded. Everyone is welcome to submit papers and win prizes! ●Click here to contribute ●! Everyone is … Read more

A statement from the Public Prosecution regarding the assault of a healthy practice on 11 newborn infants…and the disclosure of the punishment issued against her

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that the Public Prosecution Office has concluded that a female citizen working as a health practitioner in the neonatal nursery department has been charged with assaulting (11) newborn babies. And by looking at the surveillance cameras of the infant nursery room, it was found that … Read more

A military display of the skills of Saudi female recruits during their graduation ceremony from the General Directorate of Prisons • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper – SPA: Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior, the Director General of Prisons, Maj. At the General Directorate of Prisons, in the presence of representatives from government sectors and families of female graduates. The graduates received field skills and security sciences, … Read more

Among them is slowing down. Traffic issues 8 directives for driving in fog

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the Directorate stated, “The driver must give several directives when driving when there is fog,” referring to these directives: Check the mirrors Slow down Use wipers and keep the interior windows clear of fog Increase the safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to … Read more

Seizure of violating refrigerator containers and medical equipment in Umm Qasr

The authority said in a statement, received by Alsumaria News, that “(9) containers containing (new vertical refrigerators) were seized in violation of import controls and instructions in the southern customs center, Umm Qasr,” noting that “all necessary legal measures have been taken against violations according to laws and instructions.” the window”. And she added, in … Read more