Transferring Functions of Public Health Agency to Public Health Authority: Impact on Saudi Public Health

2023-12-03 11:27:37 Transferring the functions of the Public Health Agency to the Public Health Authority The Minister of Health, Fahd bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jalal, issued a ministerial decision to form a committee headed by Dr. Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Qassim, the Undersecretary for Public Health as deputy, and the membership of the Undersecretary for Human Resources, … Read more

Stay Informed: The Severe Flu Season of 2023 and the Importance of Vaccination

2023-10-22 19:47:56 Al-Marsad newspaper: Public health specialist Dr. Ahmed Al-Ammar revealed today, Sunday, that influenza this year is more severe, and its symptoms last longer than usual. Al-Ammar said on his Twitter account: “I advise everyone to take the vaccine as soon as possible. The golden period is within 6 weeks, before the beginning of … Read more

How Private Education Students Are Not Benefitting from High School Grades: Insights from Salem Al-Ghamdi, Investor and Consultant

2023-10-17 02:47:36 Al-Marsad newspaper: The investor and consultant in private education, Salem Al-Ghamdi, revealed the extent to which private education students benefit from a high school degree. Al-Ghamdi said during an interview on the “Saudi Street” program: The private education student does not benefit from the high school degree even if the score reaches 100% … Read more

Penalties for Insulting National Flag and Royal Emblem: Al-Marsad Newspaper Reports Punishments and Fines

2023-09-24 09:42:20 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Public Prosecution revealed the punishment for anyone involved in insulting the national flag, the royal flag, or another emblem of the Kingdom. She explained through her Twitter account that the violator will be punished with imprisonment for a period of up to one year and a fine of up to … Read more

Lebanese Caretaker Government’s Approved Budget for 2024 and Plans for Economic Recovery

2023-09-12 10:48:00 Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed that “this is the first budget approved by the government within its constitutional deadlines since 2002,” and pointed out that “the current budget has a smaller deficit than previous years.” Mikati said after the end of the cabinet session: “We are going through a stage in which … Read more

New Courses for Secondary School Students: Ministry of Education’s Latest Updates

2023-08-10 10:08:49 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Education revealed the inclusion of teaching about 9 new courses for secondary school students, starting from the next academic year 1445. And according to Al-Watan, the guide specified the targeted tracks in the process of qualifying and training teachers on the new materials in the track system at … Read more

Incident of Violent Collision on Public Road: Exclusive Video Circulates on Social Media

2023-07-12 07:50:16 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Social media pioneers circulated a video clip of a violent collision on a public road. The video showed the white car swerving to the left and giving a signal, and suddenly the black car coming from behind collided with it. The tweeters’ comments varied about the erroneous driver of the car, … Read more

“The Tourism Prosecution: Ensuring justice for tourists in Saudi Arabia”

2023-05-25 14:41:38 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Public Prosecution Council, headed by His Excellency the Attorney General Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujeeb, approved the establishment of the Tourism Prosecution at the headquarters of the Public Prosecution, and its affiliated prosecution offices at international and regional airports in the Kingdom under the name of “Tourism Prosecution”. The Tourism … Read more