Thailand New Year Road Accident Statistics 2024: Speeding Causes Nearly 50% of Accidents

2024-01-03 07:18:00

Road accident statistics: “7 Dangerous Days of New Year”, the fifth day, 284 injuries, 21 deaths, the main cause being speeding, almost 50%

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Mr. Shakri Bamrungwong, economic advisor for land transport Ministry of Transport As the chairman of the press conference summarizing the results of the operations of the Center for the Prevention and Reduction of Road Accidents during the New Year Festival 2024, it was revealed that the Center for the Prevention and Reduction of Road Accidents during the New Year Festival 2024 by the Department of Prevention and disaster relief and cooperation of network partners have compiled road accident statistics for January 2, 2024, which is the fifth day of the campaign. “Drive safely. Thailand without accidents”

There were 266 accidents, 284 people were injured, and 21 people died. The most common causes of accidents were speeding (40.6 percent), close cutting (23.31 percent), drinking and driving (14.29 percent). The vehicles that caused the most accidents were motorcycles (87.01 percent), most of which occurred. On direct routes 86.09 percent, Department of Highways roads 46.24 percent, roads in Subdistrict Administrative Organizations/Villages 32.71 percent. The time period with the highest number of accidents is between 16.01-17.00 hrs., 8.65 percent.

Highest number of injured and dead In the age range of 30-39 years, 19.67 percent, 1,792 main checkpoints established, 51,553 personnel working. The provinces with the highest number of accidents were Kanchanaburi and Songkhla (12 incidents per province). The province with the highest number of injuries was Kanchanaburi (17 people). The province with the highest death toll was Songkhla (3 deaths).

Summary of accumulated road accidents during the 5 days of the campaign (29 Dec. 2023 – 2 January 2024). There were a total of 1,839 accidents, a total of 1,860 people injured, and a total of 212 deaths. The province with the highest number of accumulated accidents was Kanchanaburi (69 times) The province with the highest number of cumulative injuries was Kanchanaburi (73 people). The province with the highest number of cumulative deaths was Bangkok (15 people). The province with no deaths. (Zero deaths) There are 17 provinces.

Mr. Shakri Bamrungwong said that in order to facilitate the people in traveling. To arrive at your destination safely. The Road Safety Administration Center has coordinated with the provinces and Bangkok to strictly implement various measures and strictly enforce the law. By tightening risky behavior

Especially driving faster than the legal limit. Due to the collection of road accident statistics in the past 5 days, it is found that speeding is still the main cause of accidents.

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In addition, officials are requested to inspect and facilitate citizens and tourists who are still stranded at bus stations and train stations so that they can return safely.

For tourists who are still traveling in various areas, ask establishments that provide car rental services to tourists. Especially foreign tourists Verify having a driver’s license before providing services. Including asking relevant agencies to help publicize foreigners. Both traveling and working in Thailand must apply for a driver’s license if necessary to drive a vehicle.

Mr. Chaiyawat Junthirapong, Director-General of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPWD), as secretary of the Road Safety Administration Center, revealed that today there will still be travel into Bangkok and major economic areas. that the main routes have more fluid traffic conditions Makes the driver use high speed when driving. The Road Safety Facilitation Center (Road Safety Facilities Center) has therefore coordinated with provinces and related agencies to continuously provide safety and convenience to the people along the route.

By strictly controlling drivers who have risky behavior. Including speeding, drinking and driving, not using safety equipment. including evaluating the readiness of drivers To prevent accidents from fast driving and drowsy driving. In addition, inspect and enforce strict laws against stores that sell alcoholic beverages to youths under 20 years of age, which is a source of risk factors for road accidents from drinking and driving among youths.

We would like to request road users to take care of their physical condition and be ready to drive. And check the condition of the car to make sure it’s safe before leaving. Do not drive fast. Follow traffic laws strictly. In order to travel to your destination safely

Finally, if you experience or witness an accident, you can report the incident via the hotline 1784 24 hours a day and Line “Security Department receives incident reports 1784” by adding friends Line ID @1784DDPM to coordinate immediate assistance.

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