The Battle of the Reality Shows: Tierra Brava vs. Big Brother Chile – Exclusive Insights from Sergio Lagos and Karla Constant

2023-10-01 01:13:20

By Mauricio Neira Aguilar September 30, 2023 at 10:11 p.m.

Sergio Lagos y Karla Constant They have already been in Peru for 3 weeks recording for “Tierra Brava”, the new reality show on Channel 13 that competes with CHV and “Big Brother” Chile. And the fight will become arduous between the two, especially because the running of the bulls that is also broadcast on Pluto TV is in full conflict with the imminent resignation of Constanza Capelli.

However, in the former signal of the little angel they are confident that they do a good job and that the public will privilege them as the “reality TV channel.”

“We take all this very humbly, it is true that we started with this story in Chile 20 years ago, but the important thing is that it is a story that people value, appreciate and we are back and we invite you to connect again with us,” Sergio Lagos tells TiempoX.

“People like the epic that is in reality shows, everything that the reality shows on Channel 13 have had, and here they will meet again with all that and more, with everything that they like about the format2,” adds the entertainer. from “Tierra Brava”.

Karla Constant, for her part, highlights that “I love reality shows and one of the things that has me most motivated about my return to Channel 13 has been to return to this genre.”

“They are entertaining stories that people like and we are at their disposal to bring them to homes and to all places in the best way,” he assures regarding the program that will be the competition for “Big Brother” Chile.

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Sergio Lagos reveals what he thinks of “Big Brother” Chile before the premiere of “Tierra Brava”

Continuing with the interview, we asked the hosts of the Channel 13 reality show: “How do you see that ‘Big Brother’ Chile has been extended to be able to face the premiere of ‘Tierra Brava’?”

“We, without wanting to talk specifically about the competition, value all the work done by them, they reinstated, in a certain way, this genre on TV and the important thing is that this industry is active, in general,” commented Sergio Lagos.

“That the channels move and have various projects is good for all of us,” said the “Tierra Brava” host.

Video: Karla Constant and Sergio Lagos in “Tierra Brava”

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