The Cowboys Fringants make Quebec sing

There is nothing more exhilarating in a rock concert than those moments when an artist and a crowd are in tune and singing a hit that we all know by heart.

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Such a moment of grace occurred early Saturday night at the Videotron Center, when members of the Cowboys Fringants and nearly 11,000 fans, many of whom were holding each other by the shoulders, sang in unison autumn song, the title that took the group out of its native Repentigny twenty years ago recalled its singer, Karl Tremblay.

Already in festive mode, the first career concert of the Cowboys Fringants in the amphitheater of the capital then engaged the fifth gear, or was it the sixth, and the love story between the group and its admirers from Quebec is enriched by another remarkable chapter.

Right in the middle of their album tour The Antipodes, in which they already have three Bell Centers to their credit and a remarkable visit to Paris, the Cowboys deployed the heavy artillery: that is to say, a selection of hits from all their albums and even a cover ofEnter Sandman, of Metallica, especially for the people of Quebec.

Get the party started

Now masters in the art of getting the party going with their punk energy, the group first bet on Houses all alike, Bye Bye Lou and the “Pa Pa Da” of Ti-cul to warm up his world.

Then, euphoric moments of communion followed one another to the sound, among others, of Straight Ahead, The Demonstration et America is crying.

Always as unleashed, Jérôme Dupras took on the task of raising the temperature when the situation demanded it, while Marie-Annick Lépine and Jean-François Pauzé had a blast on the violin and the guitar. On vocals, Karl Tremblay was an impeccable master of ceremonies.

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Even when they slowed down, the connection remained strong, like during very beautiful deliveries of Nothing et on my shoulder, in a Videotron Center illuminated by hundreds of cell phones. Magical !

In the first part, Marie-Annick Lépine played some titles from her recent solo album, Between Beaurivage and L’Ange-Gardien. A nice performance, enhanced by the presence at his side of the excellent Mara Tremblay and Catherine Durand.

“Our greatest treasure”

Met backstage a few hours before the concert, Karl Tremblay and Jérôme Dupras were delighted to see that the group now joined four generations of admirers.

Children aged 7-8 rub shoulders with senior citizens. They take great pride in it.

“It’s our greatest achievement, our greatest treasure,” said singer Karl Tremblay.

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