“The Deception of a Famous Social Service Provider: The Story of Abu Abdullah and the Retired Citizen’s Villa”

2023-05-13 22:13:19

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The YouTube content creator, Abu Rakan Al-Sharif, narrated the story of a retired citizen who was deceived by a man who is famous for providing social services and rewarding God.

Buying a piece of land

Aburakan said, we were in a council and a retired friend spoke, that he had bought a piece of land in installments north of Riyadh in the Sahara region, and after the end of the land installment he took a deed for it, and years later the land was built.

Abu Abdullah supervising the construction of the villa

And he continued: And the retiree decided to build a house to live in, as he and his family live on rent, and his friend advised him in the office of “Abu Abdullah”, a man who helps build mosques and seeks good and does not seek wages except with God, and men he does not need, and indeed he received supervision of building the villa, but he stipulated that he not Interfering with what is happening in the villa.

And he went on: Indeed, they started construction, and every period he handed him 50 or 100 thousand, and when his money ran out, he went to the bank and took a loan, and then he was surprised by the company informing him of his retirement, and the owner of the villa told Abu Abdullah that he would retire and he had responsibilities, and he wanted the construction to finish quickly, so he said to him, “I have financial obligations.” Move or take your building, I did not take anything from you, I work with you for God.

The design of the villa is like a box

And he added: So I went and borrowed money from my brothers and gave it to Abu Abdullah, and one day I met my friend while he was learning about building, so I took him to see what was being done in building the villa, and the shock was, as my friend told me that the design of the building is very bad, and the villa is like a box that is not suitable for the upscale neighborhood that was built, and electricity Also bad as he put one plug in each room, and other things my friend talked about and I tried to adjust it, while the workers were working in the villa, and when Abu Abdullah knew about that, he called me and told me that he had agreed with me not to interfere.

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And he went on: One day an Egyptian worker came to install the elevator, and before installing it, he said to me, “It is forbidden to ride this elevator, as it is very small and does not even take a wheelchair. It only takes one person.”

A worker reveals the truth about the owner of a good deed

And he continued: The Egyptian worker, the owner of the villa, was shocked, telling him, “Abu Abdullah came to the office right with us, and said I will give you three villas in which you can install elevators, on the condition that you install an elevator in my mother’s villa without money, and distribute the price of it among the three villas.”

He explained: The owner of the villa discovered that Abu Abdullah, who is famous for his good deeds, taking money and building mosques, is in cahoots with the electricity and plumbing workers and Haq al-Biban, and in the end he handed over the villa without doors, garages and railings, after he seized everything that the owner of the villa owned.

He concluded, and when the owner of the villa asked about Abu Abdullah, he discovered that he has a villa and his children, each individual has a villa, and his mother also has a private villa, and all these villas were built at the expense of the works that Abu Abdullah does.

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