The Embarrassing Tale of Antonella Ríos: A Playful Sexual Experience Gone Wrong

2023-07-01 00:39:15

A playful sexual experience ended for Antonella Ríos becoming one of the biggest embarrassments of her life. That’s how she at least confessed it to her podcast partners How Many Pairs Are Three Flies.

The actress said that four years ago, while single, she met an Argentine with whom she had virtual sex at a distance. One day, she saw a photo on social networks where he appeared with some of her friends and she liked one of them.

“I saw the friend next door, and I was like ‘meh.’ A single woman, hold on for one, hold on for two… I wrote to the other, ”she confessed. He told her that he knew his friend, they became friends and began to send photos.

“I continued to have virtual sex with the other, and with him deeper conversations, but I also flirted and roamed. I went with one, I spent time, I was talking to the other, I was with one, I was with another … ”, she recounted.

they caught her

Everything was going well for her, however, she did not know that they were such friends. One day the first one asked her to speak on a video call, but she was on the radio. “From pure hot I tell you now,” she recalled.

“He calls me, I open the call and the two appear together,” Antonella said, causing the astonishment of her colleagues. The two subjects made her understand that she already knew that she was playing two sides with them, that she was “grabbing them both for the huebeo”, explained the protagonist of Los Debutantes.

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“I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed! I felt hot, a nymphomaniac, unfaithful, transgressing the Andes Mountains… I think it was one of the most embarrassing situations, because he talked a lot regarding me, I was left in a bad light, ”he reflected. the interpreter.


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