Single all 2022, you wonder when will come your turn this year? Don’t panic, love is coming. But be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

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A: The chameleon
Addicted to your partner, you set your alarm clock and your lunch hour to that of your loved one. If you don’t stay more yourself, true love won’t happen right away. Make people love you for what you are, not for the services you render!

B : L’invisible
You are looking for the man or the woman of your life. For that, you have worked on your profile down to the smallest detail, but then why leave it in « vu » all the people who write to you? Give love a chance to find you!

C: The marathon runner
You go the distance! The bakery, the doctor’s waiting room, the drinks on the terrace… you fall in love everywhere and all the time. By dint of sending bouquets of roses with all your might, you have a loyalty card at the florist. Be softer!

D: The solitary
Your favorite activity? Share your sadness with your friends about your non-existent love life. Why are you still alone? Because you dream your life more than you live it. Finally take the time to really get to know someone!

E: The conductor
Your love life is regulated like clockwork. Married at 27, first child at 30, you dream of a building in the south of France, a labrador and the song of cicadas. You are right to dream but take your time before imagining marrying the date you have known for 5 minutes!

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Margot Ruyter & Mathis Raymond

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