“The Royal Coronation of Charles III: How Kate and William’s Children Caused Delays and Tensions in the Royal Clan”

2023-05-09 15:53:00

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The royal crown is far too heavy an accessory to wear on young heads… And it’s not Georges (9 years old), Charlotte (8 years old) and Louis (5 years old), the worthy heirs of Prince William and Kate Middleton who will say the opposite.

Saturday May 6, 2023, the grandchildren of Charles III put the nerves of the new sovereign to the test, according to the revelations of a close friend of Meghan Markle who might rekindle tensions within the royal clan! On this coronation day, the whole ceremony was set like clockwork, but that was without counting on the punctuality of the young children who made their parents late. As we know, the protocol leaves little room for the unexpected and this is what Charles III has once once more announced, visibly overwhelmed by the delay of the three little darlings.

According to Omid Scobie, close to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and author of Finding Freedom who pointed the finger at the attitude of young children, Kate and William would have struggled to keep the schedule to the letter. A royal misstep he was quick to mention while writing regarding the coronation for Harper’s Bazaar. “The margin of error was zero. And thankfully, thanks to the weeks of rehearsals the royal family took part in before the coronation, the day went off without a hitch.”he wrote at first, also reported the words of a source close to the royal family saying that the three children of Kate Middleton and Prince William “were to blame“.

While little George was to act as a page of honor for his grandfather, the whole little tribe was expected firmly before the arrival of Charles and Camilla according to a memo sent by Buckingham Palace. But once morest all odds, the princely couple would not have succeeded in honoring this request, which would have provoked the hidden anger of the monarch. “We can never be on time“he would have castigated according to a lip reader while he waited in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach alongside his wife. On the lookout for the slightest gesture of the future king, other experts confirmed this interpretation.Yes I am negative. But there’s always something“, reported another lip reader to Sky News. What seriously anger the sovereign, known to be extremely procedural. There is no doubt that the three little blond heads were taken to order by their grandfather for having failed in their obligations of young crowned heads.

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But this slight delay, which was only noted by a handful of experts and the Markle team, will not have spoiled the festivities, viewed by no less than 9 million viewers. And everyone was delighted to see the young Louis who has just celebrated his 5th birthday, who following having softened the canvas at the Queen’s last jubilee with his grimaces, has once once more shown his mischievous temperament!

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