“The Shocking Leaked Video: District Police Officer Fired for Involvement”

2023-05-25 10:56:00

Why did you slash it, I don’t understand? A? Zakhar? What did she do wrong to you?

– Never mind.

Just like that, right?

– To her.

Why did you want to kill her?

– Do extortion.


– Money.


– Yes, from all over the school and from my mother with a folder.

Do you know what her last name is?

The young man could no longer answer the last question.

In the video, you can hear that a certain man is asking questions to a teenager, and at the beginning you can see a fragment of his hand in gray-blue clothes, extremely similar to the colors of the police uniform.

As a V1.RU journalist was told by a source in emergency services, after the video was leaked to the Internet, the district police officer involved in its distribution was fired. This is also confirmed by the sources of anonymous authors of the Telegram channel “Island of Freedom”.

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