The train stop… The man got out of the car to smoke and “missed the departure time”, the wife knelt down and cried to stop: open the door | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

Punctuality is important! Recently, on a train from Xiamen to Lanzhou in China, a man got off and smoked while taking advantage of the gap at the train stop. He didn’t expect to miss the departure time. Seeing this, the wife in the car lost control of her emotions and knelt directly on the ground, hoping that she could stop the car and let her husband get in the car.

At that time, the train was going from Xiamen to Lanzhou. When the train stopped at Sanming North Station, the man got out of the car to smoke, but he missed the departure time. It can be seen through the video that the man was outside the train and wanted to forcibly open the door of the car. The staff saw this scene and immediately pulled him away to stop him. The wife in the car found that the train was starting, and when she saw her husband getting farther and farther away from her, she suddenly became agitated. She knelt on the ground and cried bitterly, begging the conductor to stop and let her husband get on the train.

The man was forcibly taken away by the staff. (Photo/Photo taken from Sohu Clairvoyance)

The woman said that they were going to work in Henan, and everything was in the car. Who knew that her husband would go down to smoke a cigarette and then drive. “You asked him to come up and open the door! He didn’t see you when you were driving.” However, the train did not stop, and the man was finally taken away by the staff.

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After the news came to light, there was a lot of discussion. Netizens left messages and bombarded them, “As an adult, you should be responsible for your own behavior”, “What are you smoking, hurry up and quit”, “This is not a car that stops at any time, a train “Yeah”, “Why do you let a carload of people pay for your own mistakes”, “Is it bad for your memory to take a long time?”

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