There are over 60 million motor vehicles on the road in Germany

At the beginning of the year, exactly 60,133,124 motor vehicles were registered in Germany. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the stock increased by 0.8 percent compared to the previous year. The majority are around 48.8 million cars. The second largest group is made up of motorcycles with 4,913,009 registrations.

The stock of passenger cars with diesel engines decreased by 2.6 percent, with petrol engines it was 1.4 percent less. The number of battery electric cars increased by almost 64 percent compared to 2022 and exceeded the million mark with 1,013,009 vehicles. Plug-in hybrids increased by 52.8 percent to 864,712 units.

The Geely subsidiary MG recorded the largest percentage increase with 18,519 registered vehicles. That is 476 percent more than on January 1, 2022. The stock of old British-made MGs still amounted to 23,280 units (minus 3.6 percent). As the only brand that has now disappeared from the market, Sachsenring made gains with the Trabant. The KBA reports growth of two percent for the former people’s car of the GDR to over 40,000 vehicles again, while the Russian Lada was able to hold its own with 31,679 registrations compared to the previous year.

Incidentally, in Germany on New Year’s Day there were still a good 149,000 Chevrolets, 2,251 Hummers and 13,821 Ferraris on the road. But for example 3542 Morgan and 100 Pontiac are apparently still being driven on our roads. Almost every fifth car that drives in Germany is and remains a Volkswagen (10,197,626 registrations). (awm)

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