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Maintain a car, SUV, or Van has become a key issue when deciding which model to buy and whether a 0Km or a used one. The costs of the patent, insurance, fuel and service, among others, are constantly increasing, at the rate of inflation, and that means that the expenses have an increasingly greater impact on the salary from the people.

In the case of opting for a van, you have to think that these vehicles, which were born for work, today have become luxury units, with all the conveniences and comforts, and that is why their values ​​also increased a lot in the case of 0km, like the fixed costs.

Toyota Hilux, the best-selling midsize truck.

In any case, they continue to be some of the options most chosen by consumers and one of the vehicles with the highest sales growth in Argentina, being the Toyota Hilux the best seller in the segment.

We review how much it costs per month to maintain this model, taking into account that, if you are looking for a unit, there are long delivery times due to high demand.

Maintain a Toyota Hilux: up to $55,000 per month

To access a van Toyota Hilux entry-level double cab (there are single cab and chassis only versions) you have to start with the version DX with 2.4 TDI engine, with 150hp and a 6-speed manual gearbox. This model is priced at 4.541.000 pesos.

In this case, calculating the patent for a vehicle located in the City of Buenos Aires, it will cost approximately $225,000 per year, that is, about $18,900 per month. To this must be added the surewhich for a full third party is quoted at an average of $11,400 (policies are updated every six months).

Toyota Hilux, the best seller.

Toyota Hilux, the best seller.

The service It is another expense to take into account. The price for 10,000 kilometers at an official dealer is $28.700, which should be up to date to preserve the vehicle warranty.

To these basic expenses must be added others such as fuel, garage and washes, without considering the problems that may arise along the way and even the tolls that often have to be crossed to get to a place.

In the case of the version of the Toyota Hilux DX, to circulate about 15,000 km per year, or 45 kilometers per day, spending on diesel will be between 9,020 and 10,589 pesos per month, depending on the type of fuel. This is a very limited use, in general, this type of vehicle usually spends much more because they are used to travel long kilometers.

If you add to this washing and garage, the expenses are as follows:

  • Patent: $18,920
  • Insurance: $11,400
  • Service: $2,391 ($28,700 prorated)
  • Combustible: $10.000
  • Garage: $11,000
  • Wash: $2,200

In this way, the monthly expense will be $55,900, that is, about 670,000 pesos a year for a person who drives about 15,000 kilometers, a situation that rarely occurs in the case of truckswho make a greater number of kilometers.

To the basic expenses is added, among other things, the fuel

Toyota Hilux full: up to $ 84,000 a month

In the case of opting for one of the most equipped versions of the Hiluxthe Van is the double cab SRX 2.8, with 6-speed automatic gearbox. The value of this model is $8,169,000 (increased almost $2 million in half a year).

This increase in the suggested price impacts patent (although the DNRPA updates the lists every longer term) and insurance. In the first case, the value of the annual patent will be an average of $408,000, while per month it amounts to $34,000 (in general, there are 5 installments per year).

In the case of insurance, a complete third party has a value of $22,000, and the service costs the same as for the entry-level version.

On combustible, the largest engine consumes an average of 12 liters per 100km, that is, almost 3 or 4 liters more than the smallest. In this way, the monthly value is $12,735 or 14,985 pesos.

If washing and garage are added to this, the expenses are as follows:

  • Patent: $34,000
  • Insurance: $22,000
  • Service: $2,391 ($28,700 prorated)
  • Combustible: $13.000
  • Garage: $11,000
  • Wash: $2,200

In this way, the monthly expense will be $84,000, that is, a little more than 1 million pesos a year.

I have a truck: how to save on expenses?

When thinking about buying a vehicle, the maintenance is a very important issue, and even more so since fixed expenses rose so much. While there are issues that can’t be avoided, there are ways to make your car “slower” in wear.

The soft use of the car contributes to the best maintenance.

The soft use of the car contributes to the best maintenance.

For example, in the case of tires, rotating them approximately every 10,000 km is very important. However, there are other possible factors that require a higher turnover:

  • Driving at high speeds, heavy loads, and long distances: If you regularly drive at high speeds, carry heavy loads, or travel long distances, the added stress placed on your tires may lead to a slight increase in the frequency of rotations .
  • Uneven Wear – Tires should be rotated as soon as possible if uneven wear is detected.
  • Buzzing: If your tires are buzzing when you’re driving on a smooth road, it might be time to think about rotating them.

There are also other techniques such as accelerate smooth, allowing the vehicle to gradually increase speed; if you have to use the brake pedal, press gently and gradually; drive at a constant speed; avoid going through floods or through puddles of considerable water; and do not leave the long time in progress without advancing. In this way, the car will not wear out so quickly, beyond complying with the basic services.

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