This innocuous gesture that we all do irritates the servers to the highest degree


This is a bad habit that almost all of us have.

The list is currently circulating in the media, and it necessarily tickles a little curiosity. What are the worst habits of customers in restaurants according to the waiters? West France conducted the investigation by listing the “Ten customer habits that annoy waiters the most at restaurants ” recently. For this, the media refers to the testimonials of professionals on the Quora forum, a platform known for asking existential questions and waiting for the Internet users concerned to give their opinion. If you think most don’t apply to you…wait until you read this.

A gesture not so trivial

We find the great traditional ones such as snapping your fingers to attract attention, changing your mind three times when placing an order or trying to stack the plates yourself to help or not to leave tip. But one behavior in particular surprises us, because almost all of us do it, without realizing it: leaving our smartphone lying on the table.

This small device which has gradually become our third hand is indeed often found on the corner of the table in the restaurant, sometimes turned over for the most modest, sometimes squarely in front of you to take a look as soon as the screen lights up. If this habit is obviously harmful for your social relations but also for the atmosphere of your evening, it would also greatly annoy the restaurateurs.

Indeed, when the waiter arrives, he generally needs space to deposit the dishes quickly. “When you bring the orders and no one takes their phone off the table, it becomes complicated to put the dishes down”deplores a server, quoted by West France. Another worker adds: “When the customer is not yet seated, I can understand that he spends his time on his phone, but when I come to take his order, I can’t stand him staring at his screen”. You will have been warned.

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