Thunderstorms and Unstable Weather Forecast for Monday: Stay Updated!

2023-09-10 16:12:00

Hello Amélia, you will have to watch for the arrival of storms Monday afternoon from France. They will be local but potentially strong in this hot and unstable atmosphere. I expect a calm the following night and Tuesday morning before further showers but a risk of storms rather confined to the south-east. The rest of the week will be more stable with the return of more breathable temperatures and a risk of storms which will completely die down on Wednesday and the next few days. Basically, Monday evening and the start of the following night seem to me to be the most at risk in your region. Thunderstorms remain sometimes surprising weather events and should therefore be monitored, even if I do not expect extreme phenomena.

And about the rest of the country this Monday?

The blockage will begin to be shaken by the arrival of cooler air from the Atlantic. In the morning, we should fear some low coastal clouds and cirrus clouds elsewhere, sometimes thick to the west of a ”Namur-Brussels” line. It will remain sunny in the south and east where the heat is still expected to be heavy!

At midday and in the afternoon, the sky will still be cloudy but still bright, even if the atmosphere will become gray at the sea (always quite blue in the Ardennes). Before the evening, it will be necessary to monitor the formation of a small convergence line and the formation of local storms in Hainaut-Flanders and Brabants (the south will be rather sheltered at first). The maximums will be contrasting with only 22-23°C at the sea, 25 to 28°C in the center and another 29 to 32°C in the east! In the evening, other showers will come up from France and could be stormy.

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