Tianjin’s third round of nucleic acid screening detected 59 positive cases, Beijing adjusted its entry and return policy_Beijing added 1 local confirmed case yesterday_Tianjin’s third round of nucleic acid detection detected 59 positive cases_epidemic

Original title: Tianjin’s third round of nucleic acid screening detected 59 positive cases, Beijing adjusted its entry and return policy

(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Tianjin’s third round of nucleic acid screening detected 59 positive cases Beijing adjusted its entry and return policy

China News Agency, Beijing, January 16. Comprehensive news: China’s National Health Commission announced on the 16th that 119 new confirmed cases were reported in mainland China on the 15th, including 54 imported cases and 65 local cases (33 cases in Tianjin, 29 cases in Henan, One case each in Beijing, Guangdong, and Shaanxi). There were 52 new cases of asymptomatic infections, including 47 imported from abroad and 5 from China (3 in Shanghai, 1 in Zhejiang and 1 in Guangdong).

As of 24:00 on the 15th, there are 3,461 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 4,636 deaths, and a total of 104,864 confirmed cases. There are currently 1,264 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 12,064 confirmed cases and no deaths.

The third round of nucleic acid screening in Tianjin detected 59 positive cases. Yuzhou strictly prohibits people from medium and high risk areas from returning home

Tianjin added 33 local confirmed cases on the 15th, surpassing Henan (29 cases) for the first time to become the province with the most local confirmed cases in the current round of epidemics in mainland China. From January 8 to 15, Tianjin has reported a total of 214 local confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic infections.

Tianjin reported on the 16th that children in this epidemic are the focus of treatment. As of the evening of the 15th, Tianjin has treated 78 local children in this epidemic. The epidemic has spread to 18 streets and towns in 6 districts of Tianjin. At present, new cases are still mainly concentrated in Jinnan District. As of 6:00 on the 16th, the third round of nucleic acid testing for all employees in Tianjin has sampled more than 12 million people, and a total of 59 positive cases were detected, all from Jinnan District.

On the 15th, Henan Province added 29 new local confirmed cases, hitting a new low since January 5. Anyang City added 15 local confirmed cases that day, and a total of 250 local confirmed cases were reported in this round of epidemic, including 232 cases in Tangyin County.

In order to realize the “clearing” of the society as soon as possible and effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, Anyang City issued another announcement, deciding that from 6:00 on the 16th, from “staying at home, not driving on the road, not operating stores, and pursuing accountability”, etc. Further improve city-wide control measures.

After 7 new local confirmed cases were added on the 15th, Xuchang, Henan reported a total of 347 local confirmed cases in this round of epidemic, all of which were in Yuzhou City. Yuzhou City issued a notice on the 16th saying that it is strictly forbidden for people in medium and high risk areas to return home, and people in low risk areas do not return home unless necessary.

Shanghai epidemic controllable, Beijing adjusts entry and return policy

On the 15th, three new cases of local asymptomatic infections were added in Shanghai, all of which were close contacts of previously reported cases, and were found during routine nucleic acid testing during the isolation and control period.

Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, said in an interview with CCTV that the outbreak in Shanghai was caused by people in home isolation who did not obey the isolation policy and went out without authorization, but the cases were all found during the isolation and investigation of close contacts. Yes, all of them are in the transmission chain, and the number of cases is limited. Therefore, “this epidemic is still within the scope of closed-loop management, and we are still ahead of the epidemic.”

On the 15th, Haidian District, Beijing added 1 local confirmed case (reported on the 15th), who was infected with the Omicron variant.

With the changes in the epidemic situation, Beijing adjusted its entry and return policy, and decided that from 0:00 on January 22, 2022 to the end of March, people entering and returning to Beijing must undergo a nucleic acid test within 72 hours after arriving in Beijing (commuters are subject to existing Policy provisions continue to be implemented). After arriving in Beijing, you should take the initiative to report to your community (village), unit or hotel as soon as possible. If you do not take the initiative to report or do not cooperate with the epidemic prevention work and cause serious consequences, you will be held accountable according to laws and regulations.

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Beijing Lama Temple announced on the 16th that in order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, the Lama Temple will be temporarily closed from 0:00 on January 17, 2022, and various religious activities (including morning prayers) will be temporarily cancelled.

The city’s tourist attractions and scenic spots in Zhuhai are temporarily closed, and the cases in Zhongshan and Zhuhai are the same transmission chain

After 1 new local confirmed case was added on the 15th, Zhuhai City again reported 2 new local confirmed cases on the 16th. As of 15:00 on the 16th, Zhuhai has reported 9 local confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infection in this round of epidemic.

Zhuhai City issued an announcement stating that the city’s tourist attractions are temporarily closed, and restaurants in the Xiangzhou District have cancelled dine-in. The Zhuhai Municipal Health and Health Bureau stated that Zhuhai City will strictly prevent the spillover of the epidemic, make every effort to investigate the overflow of the city’s epidemic-related personnel, and guide citizens not to leave the city or the province unless it is necessary. At the same time, strengthen the joint prevention and control of Zhuhai and Macao, maintain close contact and communication with Macao, and study and judge the adjustment of customs clearance policies at any time.

Zhongshan City added 1 local confirmed case on the 16th, which was returned from the asymptomatic infection reported on the 15th. The current epidemiological and gene sequencing comparison results show that the 2 confirmed cases in Zhongshan’s current round of epidemics and the 8 positive cases announced in Zhuhai are all infected with the Omicron variant and are in the same transmission chain.

For 6 consecutive days in Xi’an, there were no new local positive people in the border town of Guangxi

The epidemic situation in Xi’an, which has entered the final stage, continues to show a positive momentum. On the 15th, 1 new case was confirmed locally, maintaining single digits for 5 consecutive days, and showing a trend of fluctuating decline. As of 24:00 on the 15th, a total of 2,044 local confirmed cases have been reported in Xi’an this round of epidemic.

Xi’an City held a press conference on the 16th to introduce that since January 10th, Xi’an has achieved zero social cases for 6 consecutive days. On the same day, there were four more risk downgrades in Xi’an. Up to now, Xi’an has 1 high-risk area and 17 medium-risk areas.

Ningming County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi reported on the 16th that during routine nucleic acid testing in Dabian villages, a positive person was found in the border town of Aidian Town. It is reported that the positive person had participated in the port cargo handling work.

Ningming County has launched an emergency response at the first time, organized and carried out work such as flow traceability, isolation control, nucleic acid testing, etc., and carried out environmental sampling, testing and disinfection of its activity sites, and implemented control measures in the corresponding areas. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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