Towards the construction of 43 road structures in Kigali – Le Magazine du Manager

The municipality of Kigali plans to build road structures consisting of 43 flyovers as well as 4-lane roads in the Rwandan capital.

“There is a big problem with vehicle congestion, especially at road junctions. We have identified 43 crossroads where it is not easy to move from one road to another,” noted Emmanuel Asaba Katabarwa, engineer at the municipality.

“We need to expand junctions and build flyovers. But as we are facing budgetary constraints, we start with the priorities”, he underlined.

The infrastructure will be integrated “in the modernization plan for 58 roads in the city, a roadmap that will increase the capital’s road network by 215.6 km by 2024”.

Kigali is faced with travel, which is mostly done by road in the absence of other modes of transport, including the railways. A difficulty “linked to the supply of unimodal transport” and aggravated by “population growth and rural exodus”.

The commune of Kigali has become the largest economic center of the country which attracts most of the populations from the interior regions of the country.

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