Unveiling the Truth: The Controversy Surrounding the Osong Underpass Disaster and the Failure of the Happy City Construction Authority

2023-07-28 12:43:00


KBS has raised suspicions about the temporary embankment of the Miho River, which was built lower than the legal standard, and the poor response of the Happy City Construction Authority as the main cause of the Osong underpass disaster.

Today, the same point was confirmed in the announcement of the results of the inspection by the Office for Government Policy Coordination.

It was also emphasized that it was a leading factor in the disaster.

Reporter Song Guk-hoe on the sidewalk.


On the day of the disaster, around 7:00 a.m., six workers spread soil into bags.

Sandbags are being built to build temporary embankments.

At that time, the water level of the Miho River exceeded 9.2m, which is the serious flood warning level.

The river fills up to the bottom of the makeshift embankment, and an hour later, the embankment collapses.

[장찬교/청주시 오송읍/지난 16일 : “장비를 얼른 더 투입해서 준비해야지 (이렇게는) 안 된다. 그랬더니 장비가 올 수 없다고 얘기해요.”]

KBS pointed out that from the day after the disaster, the Happy City Construction Agency had tore down the existing embankment and built a temporary embankment about 1m low to build a pier.

In addition, it was also confirmed that the temporary embankment at the time did not meet the legal standards despite the Happiness Office’s explanation that it was prepared for floods with a frequency of 100 years.

Immediately after the disaster, it was pointed out that if the embankment had been built in accordance with the river design standards of the Ministry of Environment, the loss could have been prevented.

The insolvency situation is also confirmed in the 119 report record that the river was leaking down the temporary embankment in the afternoon before the disaster.

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The Office for Government Policy Coordination also pointed out that the Happiness Agency had not identified the emergency situation and properly responded about two hours before the disaster.

[방문규/국무조정실장 : “(기존 제방이) 무단 철거된 후 하천법 등에서 규정하고 있는 규격에 미달 되는 부실한 임시 제방이 설치된 것을 제대로 관리, 감독하지 못했습니다. 이번 사고의 선행 요인이 되었습니다.”]

While the dismissal of Lee Sang-rae, head of the Happiness Office, who was responsible for the poor response to the Osong disaster, was being reviewed, eight employees of the Happiness Office and the supervisor were also under investigation.

This is KBS News Songgukhoe.

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