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2024-02-09 18:17:41

Al-Marsad newspaper: The specialist in the field of cars, Abdul Rahman Al-Khalidi, revealed the specifications and price of the 2024 Nissan Sunny standard car.

Engine power

He said in a video clip on his account on the X platform, that this car comes with a 4-cylinder engine, with a power of 118 horsepower, and a fuel consumption rate of 16.1.

the price

Al-Khalidi added that the price of the car is approximately 61 thousand riyals, including tax, and it comes with a CVT transmission and front-wheel drive.

car specifications

The car comes with halogen lights, electric windows, and 15-inch wheels, and there are no indicators in the mirrors, but there are 4 rear sensors.

The car has cruise control, audio system control, and Bluetooth, is equipped with cloth seats, and has child seats installed.
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