“We have to see the exclusive contract termination together”..Kim Hee-jae vs. Moko, the first trial of the complex ‘600 million damage lawsuit'[종합]

2023-07-06 03:01:47

Miss Trot Kim Hee-jae is arriving for the recording of MBC Everyone’s ‘Foreigner in Korea’ held at the MBC Dream Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 22nd. /Photo = Reporter Lim Seong-gyun tjdrbs23@

In relation to singer Kim Hee-jae’s solo concert and overseas management contract, the hearing date for a 600 million won lawsuit between Kim Hee-jae’s agency Green Snake E&M and performance agency Moko ENT was held today.

On the morning of the 6th, the 37th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court held the first hearing in the case of a claim for damages filed by Mokoenti against singer Kim Hee-jae and his agency Green Snake E&M.

MokoENT filed a lawsuit against singer Kim Hee-jae and his agency Green Snake E&M to compensate for damages of about 640 million won for overseas management contracts and non-fulfillment of the contract for Kim Hee-jae’s solo concert scheduled to be held in July last year. Moco Ent acted as management authority for Kim Hee-jae, and Moco paid not only the down payment under the management contract, but also most of the related expenses later, but Kim Hee-jae and Green Snake E&M did not attend the concert practice, etc. filed a complaint claiming to have worn

“The defendants not only did not cooperate with the concert, but also officially reconfirmed through the official fan cafe on July 1 of last year that the defendant Kim Hee-jae was not appearing at the concert in this case, and made clear their intention to cancel the concert,” Moko Ent said. “The defendants are obligated to pay 497,171,140 won for concerts and 176,325,150 won related to management to MokoENT Co., Ltd., at an annual rate of 12% from the day after the copy of the complaint in this case is served to the day they are fully paid. “claimed.

Regarding this, Green Snake E&M said, “Despite not fulfilling the terms of the contract, we deeply regret MokoENT’s behavior of continuing to use the media to spread false information, such as that the performance was not held due to Green Snake E&M’s responsibility.” “We will not sit idly by and take strong action against Moko Ent’s actions that damage the reputation of our company and our artists by issuing false and malicious press releases with matters currently in trial.”

Singer Kim Hee-jae made a surprise visit to the press conference for the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Kkondae Intern’ held at the Bisan Cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 28th to say hello. /Photo = Reporter Kim Chang-hyun chmt@

On this day, as it was a hearing date without the defendant’s attendance, only lawyers from both sides appeared.

Lawyers Kim Hee-jae and Green Snake E&M said, “There is also a lawsuit for invalidation of (Kim Hee-jae’s) exclusive contract that is currently underway in the Eastern District Court.” and explained that the contents of the trial on this day were intertwined.

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The court proceeded with the trial, saying, “In relation to this case, we will also have to wait and see whether the exclusive contract (Kim Hee-jae) will be terminated in the Eastern District Court.”

Moko Ent’s lawyer said, “I received a response two days ago regarding the contract cancellation issue. I will organize and submit my position on the next date.”

The court of the case of contract invalidation and monetary claim filed by Green Snake E&M against Moko ENT in June of last year has already settled the case of claiming damages between the two sides of the same issue filed by Moko Ent against Kim Hee-jae and Green Snake E&M. Since it is pending, he said that he would designate a hearing date later after watching the sentencing of the related damages case.

Since last year, MokoENT and Green Snake E&M have had a legal conflict over Kim Hee-jae’s solo concert. MokoENT was Kim Hee-jae’s second solo concert performance planner, which was scheduled to be held from July of last year, and in May 2021, it signed an exclusive agency contract for Kim Hee-jae’s overseas management. Afterwards, Kim Hee-jae was initially scheduled to perform in Busan, Gwangju, and Changwon, starting with Seoul, but canceled her performance 10 days ahead.

Green Snake E&M filed a contract invalidation complaint, saying that out of the 8 performances Kim Hee-jae promised by MokoENT, 5 performances were not paid. However, Moko ENT paid her three appearance fees in advance, and rather claimed that Kim Hee-jae was unfaithful in preparing for her concert. In addition, Kim Hee-jae and her agency’s vice president Kang Mo were sued for fraud.

The next due date is August 24th.

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