Well-known Bruges extra and director Dany De Wispelaere suddenly passed away at the age of 66 | Bruges

Dany was a former teacher of Hotel Management in Vives and an enthusiastic English teacher at the Maria Duin Institute Zeebrugge. In his spare time and theater circles he was known as an actor and director. He was also a loyal and valued extra in the Procession of the Holy Blood and the Bruges Star Procession. On December 17 and 18, our newspaper spoke to Dany, who opened the Star Parade in 6 different languages ​​as a bell man. Every year he was also the inspirer and director of the Zeewijding in Zeebrugge. Numerous associations also know Dany as the guardian of the Bruges dialect with his lecture ‘Bruges is old schoane’. After all, Dany was also a volunteer in palliative care Heidehuis and De Vlinder. To his family we offer our sincere condolences.

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