Yallakoura reveals Ahmed Fathi’s position in the next season

A source close to Ahmed Fathi, the Pyramids club player, revealed his final position on his destination next season, especially in light of the increasing signs of his imminent departure from the heavenly team.

The source said, in exclusive statements to Laila Koura, that he has not decided his next destination yet, and is still differentiating between the many offers he received during the recent period.

He added: “The Joker did not receive any offers from Zamalek and all that was reported in this regard is incorrect. Fathi will not seek to lose Al-Ahly fans in his last season with football by moving to the direct competitor, despite his great respect for him.”

He explained: “Fatehi wants to end his career in Al-Ahly and realizes that this is difficult, but he will not lose hope in that. He has other offers, but he postpones everything until he knows the final position of the Red Castle.”

He continued: “Ahmed Fathi realizes that the technical staff of Pyramids will not involve him in the upcoming matches in the league, although he is training with the utmost seriousness due to the sensitivity of some and their complaints about his good relationship with Al-Ahly players and his officials, which appeared clearly in the Egypt Cup match that took place between the two teams.”

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He stressed that Ahmed Fathi decided to postpone the settlement of all matters, whether by staying at Pyramids or leaving until the end of the league competition, and then there would be plenty of time for him to make the appropriate decision, but the return to Al-Ahly remains the choice and the most important and basic goal for him, even if he played his last season for free.

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