22nd National Assembly Election: Record Number of Candidates Register for Election – Latest News and Updates

2024-03-22 14:38:05
A candidate running for Yeongdeungpo-gu Gap is submitting an application at the Yeongdeungpo-gu Election Commission reception desk in Seoul on the 21st, the application date for candidate registration for the 22nd National Assembly election. /News 1

On the 22nd, the deadline for candidate registration for the 22nd general election to be held on April 10, 699 people completed their registration as candidates for local elections. With 38 political parties running proportional representation candidates, the ballot paper is expected to exceed 50cm, and in this case, 100% hand counting is inevitable.

According to the National Election Commission, when candidate registration for the general election closed on the 22nd, the final count was that 699 candidates had registered in 254 districts. Candidate registration was carried out at the local election commission until 6 p.m. on this day.

The average competition rate in constituencies in the 22nd general election was 2.75 to 1, the lowest in 39 years since the 12th general election in 1985 (2.4 to 1). The competition rate for local districts in the recent general election was △4.4 to 1 for the 21st general election, △3.7 to 1 for the 20s, △3.6 to 1 for the 19th general election, and △4.5 to 1 for the 18th general election.

The constituency with the highest competition rate in the country was Jongno, Seoul, where 7 candidates registered. People Power Party candidate Choi Jae-hyung, Democratic Party candidate Kwak Sang-eon, and New Reform Party candidate Geum Tae-seop registered. Among the 17 metropolitan cities and provinces across the country, Gwangju had the highest average competition rate at 4.5 to 1, while Gyeongnam had the lowest competition rate at 2.31 to 1.

Advisors are checking proportional representation ballot papers at the ’22nd National Assembly Election Security Advisory Committee’ held at the National Election Commission in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province on the followingnoon of the 6th. /News 1

A total of 38 political parties applied to register as proportional representation candidates. Currently, 20 political parties have been registered and 18 are scheduled for review. If all 38 political parties confirm their participation in the election, the ballot paper will be 51.7cm long. This is the longest road since the 2004 general election, when the ‘one person, two votes system’, which uses a party list system to vote for local candidates and the supported political party, was introduced. In this case, there is a possibility that the National Election Commission will conduct another 100% recount following the 21st general election. This is because the ballot sorting machine owned by the National Election Commission can process ballots up to 46.9 cm long with up to 34 political parties marked on them.

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The order in which they appear on the ballot paper is determined by the number of seats. On the ballot paper, symbol number 1 is expected to be taken by the Democratic Party of Korea, and symbol number 2 is expected to be occupied by the People Power Party.

As the Democratic Party and the People Power Party did not submit a proportional representative candidate, the Democratic Alliance for Democracy took the top spot on the proportional representation ballot paper, symbol number 3, and the People’s Future took the next column, symbol number 4. Next, the Green Justice Party, New Future, New Reform Party, Liberty Unification Party, and Fatherland Innovation Party received party symbols in order from number 5 to number 9.

The official campaign for the 22nd general election will run from the 28th to midnight on the 9th of next month, the day before voting. Advance voting, which will be held prior to the main vote on the 10th of next month, will be held for two days on the 5th and 6th of next month.

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