3 ‘back fat burning stretches’ you can do sitting while working

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If you have a lot of fat on your back, bulges of fat stick out along the bra straps. It is easy for fat to accumulate on the back because there is no need to sit for a long time in a slouched posture or move the back a lot. The problem is that even if you do aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling, the back is not sufficiently stimulated, so the accumulated weight on the back does not come off well. If you are worried about back fat, you can see the effect of losing back fat by applying stimulation to the back muscles and increasing blood circulation while stretching your back whenever you have a spare time.

3 stretches to lose back fat

Source: Haidac YouTubeSource: Haidac YouTube
1. Sit with your buttocks close to the edge of the chair and your back straight.
2. Put your hands on the back of your head and lean your back on the backrest while turning your body backwards.
3. At this time, pull in the navel to relax only the back muscles. Be careful not to let your hips and lower back fall off the chair.
4. Back slowly forward again.
5. Repeat the above operation.

Source: Haidac YouTubeSource: Haidac YouTube

Source: Haidac YouTubeSource: Haidac YouTube

1. Hold the left rib with the left hand and place the right hand behind the head.
2. Inhale and exhale as you bend your back to the left. At this time, the side part of the hand on the ribs should be bent, not the waist.
3. Slowly return to your place again.
4. Repeat the above operation. When the movement is not going well, it is helpful to push the hand on the rib.

Source: Haidac YouTubeSource: Haidac YouTube

Source: Haidac YouTubeSource: Haidac YouTube
1. To rotate only the back, not the waist, place your hands on your chest in an X shape.
2. Inhale and exhale as you slowly rotate to the right. At this time, the pelvis should face forward exactly so that only the chest can be turned without the waist turning.
3. After returning to the original position, rotate slowly to the opposite side.

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