“A man looks like a scum.” The sister of the North Korean leader responds to the threat of a “pre-emptive strike”

The exchanged statements between leaders in South and North Korea are escalating, in light of the escalating tensions over the series of weapons tests launched by Pyongyang recently, according to the network.NBC News“.

On Sunday, Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, described the South Korean Defense Minister as “a man who looks like scum” after speaking of pre-emptive strikes on the North, warning that the South may face a “serious threat”.

Kim Yo Jong’s statement came amid heightened tensions between the two rival Koreas over a series of weapons tests in North Korea over the past few months, including its first ICBM in more than four years.

The ICBM test, which took place on March 24, the first in four years in the field of major weapons tests, was an embarrassment to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has pushed hard for greater reconciliation between the two countries and a peaceful solution to the North Korean nuclear missile crisis. .

During a visit to the Strategic Missile Command on Friday, South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook said that his country has the ability and readiness to launch precision strikes on North Korea if it discovers that the latter intends to launch missiles at South Korea.

Seoul has long maintained such a preemptive offensive strategy to deal with North Korea’s growing missile and nuclear threats, but it was unusual for a senior official under the Moon administration to talk about it publicly.

On Sunday, Kim issued a scathing letter to Suh and his “threats” toward Seoul, saying in a statement carried by state media: “The senseless and scum-like man dares to mention a “pre-emptive strike” on a country with nuclear weapons.”

And she warned that “South Korea may face a serious threat due to the reckless statements made by its defense minister,” calling on the South’s neighbor “to restrain itself if it wants to avoid disaster.”

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Experts believe that Kim’s statement may indicate that North Korea will conduct more important weapons tests soon, and take a hard line on South Korea.

Some expect North Korea to launch, soon, another intercontinental ballistic missile, a missile carrying a satellite, or to test a nuclear device in the coming weeks.

Secretary of the Central Committee of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party, Park Jong-chun, separately warned that “any slight miscalculation and bad statements could lead to serious conflict and all-out war.”

Pak said North Korea “will ruthlessly direct a military force to destroy key targets in Seoul and the South Korean military, if it preemptively attacks our country.”

The United States urged North Korea to return to talks without preconditions, but North Korea rejected such an initiative, saying the United States must first abandon its “hostility”.

Kim Jong Un has vowed to expand his nuclear arsenal as the diplomatic stalemate with Washington continues.

Some experts believe that North Korea’s recent missile tests were aimed at improving its weapons technology, enhancing its influence in future negotiations with the United States, and gaining domestic popularity.

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