A study explodes a surprise about breakfast.. That’s why it should be hearty! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed that fatty breakfasts are better for controlling appetite, and the study stated that people burn the same calories, regardless of the timing of eating the main meal during the day.

Therapeutic nutrition expert Haneen Al-Salem said that eating a hearty breakfast managed to control the level of sugar in the blood and insulin, which reduces appetite, and limits the craving for sweets throughout the day, considering that this study supports the saying that says, “If a king breaks his fast, lunches a prince, and dines for the poor.” Food with this rhythm is in tune with the body’s circadian rhythm, according to Sky News.

Haneen Al-Salem indicated that there are two types of people, who completely neglect breakfast and are busy with work and others, which results in a sharp drop in the level of blood sugar, and this is what makes them fall into binges and eat quantities of calories that exceed their daily needs, and there is the other type of people who They replace the morning breakfast with light meals such as coffee with a piece of “cake” or chocolate or something else, and it is one of the worst types of food that we break our fast with after long hours of sleep.

Haneen Salem considered that eating meals rich in sugar at the beginning of the day leads to a rapid rise in the level of sugar in the blood and then a sharp drop in it after an hour or two, and this fluctuation in the level of sugar in the blood explains the increased craving for sweets in the day.

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Al-Salem said that what is meant by a fatty meal at breakfast is any meal rich in protein and rich in fiber, and these two components help fill the stomach, reduce the feeling of hunger and regulate blood sugar levels, and with the availability of this third we will be able to control appetite, as fiber hinders the absorption of diabetes in the blood and thus plays a major role. In facilitating control of appetite.

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