A toxic substance caused their death.. Sidon sends the two children, Razan and Rayan, to their final resting place!

A funeral was held in the city of Sidon this afternoon, for the two children, Razan and Rayan Walid Saleh, who died as a result of a poisoning accident more than a week ago, when Rayan died, then hours later her sister joined her after they and their parents had been taken to the hospital.

The security forces had opened an investigation into the incident under the supervision of the Appeal Public Prosecution in the south, under the order of its Attorney General, Judge Raheef Ramadan, who requested medical analyzes of the bodies of the two girls to find out the cause of death.

The tests were carried out in a specialized university hospital in Beirut, and it took days for the results to be issued, as it was found that Zinc phosphorus was present in their stomachs, which is a toxic substance.

The Public Prosecution is expanding its investigations to find out the source of this substance and the circumstances that led to the poisoning of the two girls with it.

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