Anti-gravity .. Inventing a new football to be played on the slopes in the Alps, “video”

Most competitive sports are usually played on flat courts, but in the case of football In the Alps, one of the main conditions is that the pitch is so steep that it seems completely impossible, but a group of football fans in the Austrian Alps claim it is the perfect way to practice their favorite sport.

They came up with the idea of ​​strange alpine football during the 2014 World Cup, while watching a boring match and looking for ways to spice it up a bit. After that my friend told me the way they play is not hard enough and they should try to run up and down our mountains.. Soon they will lose their breath.. Then we thought.. They may not be able to play but we and our men will.”

A stadium in Albania

It is very difficult to find flat ground in the Alps, so it is often used for more important things than playing football. Sports fans in one of these mountainous regions decided to use the terrain to invent a new shape, and now, the locals are proud to play football only in the Alps “Anyone can play on flat ground,” says Alois Gantner, coach of Supa Porsche. “In Montafon we only play on steep slopes.”

The rules for alpine soccer are the same as for the regular version, with the only difference being the need for strong legs and great stamina to fight gravity on an uneven pitch, according to the Oddity center.

Alpine soccer sounds interesting and fun, but there are several questions surrounding the game, such as what happens when the ball starts rolling down the slopes every few minutes, maybe even seconds? How do players go down a slope and then go up again?

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