Bedtime and Mental Health: The Impact of Sleep Patterns on Stress and Anxiety Levels

2023-09-17 09:30:00

Bedtime could also impact mental health, or at least be associated with high levels of stress and anxiety. This was shown by researchers at Binghamton University in the United States in 2014.

Published in the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research, their work focused on a restricted panel of 100 young adults who completed a battery of questionnaires and carried out computerized tasks, then indicated whether they were morning or evening people. As a result of their research, scientists concluded that people who slept less and went to bed later were more likely to be overwhelmed by negative thoughtsand this repetitively, than the others.

Ensuring that sleep is obtained at the right time of day may be an inexpensive and easily disseminated intervention for people bothered by intrusive thoughts“, said the main authors of the study in a statement. And added: “If further findings confirm the relationship between sleep pattern and repetitive negative thoughts, it could one day lead to a new avenue of treatment for people with internalizing disorders“.

Note that there is no direct cause and effect relationship here between bedtime and anxiety levels, the latter can quite cause men and women to fall asleep later and influence quality of sleep. But bedtime could play a role in treating certain disorders.

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