Brussels asks the EU Anti-Fraud Office to monitor whether European funds were used in the ‘Koldo case’ | Spain

The European Commission wants to know if in the Koldo case European funds are involved, which is why it has sent information and “details” about the corruption plot for the purchase of masks that affected the Ministry of Transport during the mandate of José Luis Ábalos to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF, for its acronym in Spanish). English) for further investigation.

Brussels has “zero tolerance for fraud,” and that is why “it will take all necessary steps to protect the EU budget,” a spokesperson for the European Executive justified. The case, which has caused a political earthquake in Spain after the refusal of Ábalos – to whom Koldo García was an advisor – to abandon his membership as a PSOE deputy and his decision to join the Mixed Group, has been followed “closely” since the Commission. To this end, Brussels is in “close contact” with the responsible national authorities to find out if in the plot attributed to Ábalos’ former main collaborator, Koldo García, “there are European funds involved,” the community spokesperson added.

The Commission regularly maintains contact with the national authorities responsible for the management of European funds in the Member States. It also carries out regular observation of the application of these funds in national programs through the so-called monitoring committees. When, in the context of these contacts and reviews, some type of doubt or question regarding the use of the money arises—either because the national authorities themselves communicate it, or through some other means—the Commission can act by ordering an audit, directly demanding the return. of the amounts or, as in this case, informing OLAF, in whose hands it is now up to decide whether to act or not, something that has not been communicated for the moment.

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Shortly before the confirmation from Brussels, the PP MEP Dolors Montserrat had announced that her formation will also go to the EU Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), to OLAF and to the European Commission itself so that ” “Investigate whether the people involved in the ‘Ábalos case’ benefited from European funds in the form of million-dollar illegal commissions in the purchase of medical supplies during the pandemic.”

On the other hand, this Tuesday it was learned that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office sent information to EPPO in June about the contracts of the Koldo case signed by the governments of the Balearic and Canary Islands for a total amount of 15.3 million euros, understanding that they were paid with European funds, which would make them fall within the powers of the European Prosecutor’s Office, Europa Press reports.

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