Clearly open 3 main symptoms “Omicron” found in Thailand Whoever has it, has to check ATK immediately.

past part Omicron symptomsIn Thailand, in the first phase, it is found The 8 most common symptoms were cough 54%, sore throat 37%, fever 29%, muscle pain 15%, runny nose 12%, headache 10%, dyspnea 5%, decreased odor only 2. % and found that 48% had no symptoms

Infections among 0.9-year-old children are becoming more and more common, and working and meeting people have a high chance of contracting it. Divide the color into orange and red. During the past week (13-19 Feb. 2022), it was found that the infection has spread throughout the country. It’s the red and orange area. The red color has more than 100 infections per 100,000 people. The orange part is about 10-99 per hundred thousand population. which the infected age group found increased in all groups, but the most were working age and childhood

Therefore, working and eating together having joint activities is still a continually increasing risk factor for infection As for pneumonia symptoms in different age groups, even children with increased infections but not seriously ill If compared to the age of 60 years and older, the symptoms will be more. As for working age, if over 50 years old with congenital disease, it can increase.

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