Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Services at IMSS Yucatan: Achieving Speedy Recovery and Enhancing Skills for Individuals with Disabilities

2023-07-14 18:44:58

The beneficiaries who, due to illness or accident, have some limitation or disability, have the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation service at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Yucatan, where they are given pertinent care, with the aim of achieving speedy recovery, significantly improve their skills, avoid sequelae such as severe disability, loss of movement or permanent functional limitation.

Dr. Nidia Soto Martínez, head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the IMSS, highlighted that orthopedic and rheumatic diseases represent one of the main causes of consultation in this service; but people with limb paralysis, coordination and movement disorders are also received; with complications in sight, hearing and language.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation service also provides early multiple intervention care to newborn children, who have neurological damage or have some risk of alterations in their psychomotor development.

Similarly, the personnel in this area are trained to provide electrotherapy (treatment that uses electrical current for therapeutic purposes), mechanotherapy (sessions using special devices to produce movements in the body), hydrotherapy (use of water for therapeutic purposes ) and occupational therapy (to increase the independence of human daily living activities).

The specialist pointed out that in most cases family members and/or caregivers are also taught to be able to help the patient carry out their physical and occupational therapy at home, in order to achieve better results.

Finally, the specialist requires that each of the care provided in the IMSS Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation service in Yucatan be coordinated by highly trained personnel; whose objective is to help patients achieve a prompt return to their daily activities and avoid, as far as possible, serious and irreversible sequences, as well as other complications.

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For more information regarding this service, located at the Regional General Hospital No. 1 “Lic. Ignacio García Téllez”, you can go directly to this area, with the Social Work staff or with your doctor; since patients are referred following assessment by their specialist.

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