Diablo 4 Season of Blood: Revised and Launched Today – Steam Version & Gameplay Reviews

2023-10-18 03:20:43

Although it encountered some minor problems, the second season of “Diablo IV” (Diablo IV) “Season of Blood” has been successfully revised and launched today (18th), and the Steam version was also released simultaneously, but it is slower than “Strike 2” It was a little better when it was first launched, but the reviews of this game are still at a mixed stage. “Diablo 4” encountered some minor problems when it was launched today. The official first delayed the server startup time due to some “complicated factors”, resulting in some login errors, but it was resolved within a few hours. Another problem is that the cross-platform function of the PC and console versions is temporarily unavailable. It is speculated that the Steam version may be online, which may also affect the original cross-platform connection function between Battle.net and home consoles. Blizzard emphasized that this problem will be solved through updates. solved. We’ve encountered some complications and will be delaying Season of Blood’s start time a few hours to remedy these issues. We’ll share updates as soon as we have them. We appreciate your patience. — Diablo (@Diablo) October 17, 2023 Another focus that players are paying attention to is the launch of the Steam version of “Diablo 4”, which also means that players can give public reviews through the community comment function of the Steam store. However, compared to the free download of “Diablo 2”, the number of reviews accumulated on the first day of “Diablo 4” is not that many, because the standard version of this game is priced at as high as NT$2,219. Even now – The 25% discount also costs 1,664 yuan. After all, if you want to leave a review, you have to pay for the game first. However, it can still be seen from the Steam reviews that many players who “love” Blizzard bought “Diablo 4” and left negative reviews. Most of the play time they left negative reviews was less than 1 hour, but they can still write. I wrote down my dissatisfaction with Blizzard Entertainment or this game over the years with blood and tears. In any case, “Season of Blood” is a revamp update that the Blizzard team considers as listening to the community and trying its best to save it. It includes adjustments to experience points, changes to unique equipment, and various attribute balance corrections. Whether these changes can satisfy players will depend on The focus of future attention. The second season of “Diablo 4” “Season of Blood” has been revised and launched on October 18. The Steam version of “Diablo 4” will be released simultaneously, with the standard version priced at NT$2,219.

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